The recently founded holding company LCG Entertainment has acquired the Telltale Games brand and associated it with a new game development studio.

Telltale Games laid off 90% of its workforce in September last year, shortly after closing the company. Here you can read about the last year of the study.

Among the first investors to recover the brand are several industry veterans, such as Chris Kingsley (Rebellion), Lyle Hall (Heavy Iron Studios) or Tobias Sjögren (ex-Starbreeze). The studio will be led by Jamie Ottilie (CEO of Galaxy Pest Control) and Brian Waddle (Havok graphics engine marketing).

Athlon Games has also invested money, which will distribute the new Telltale games. Athlon is currently involved in the development of the Lord of the Rings MMO, a co-development with Amazon.

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This new Telltale Games will have the rights to its own IPs as Puzzle Agent and will also be able to sell part of its old catalog, such as The Wolf Among Us or Batman, disappeared from digital stores. In the future they will develop continuations of some of these stories, although they have not wanted to give more details yet.

One of the brands that will not recover is The Walking Dead, which returned to the hands of Skybound. They have also confirmed that the rights to the game of Stranger Things have returned to Netflix.

At the moment this company will be small and will be located in Malibu, California. The intention of the investors is to outsource some parts of the development such as animations. They want to keep the model episodic but give it some twist to adapt it to today.

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Some former Telltale employees will work as freelancers for Telltale, with the possibility of entering the workforce later. Here you can read about the fate of the original company’s workers.