League of Legends: 5 Amazing Facts about Kindred

With a cast of more than 160 champions, it’s hard for a single League of Legends champion to stand out from the crowd. However, Kindred  does just that. This unusual champion is in fact two halves of a greater whole, with both sides representing death. Kindred’s lamb essence represents a gentler release from life, while their wolf side illustrates a violent, aggressive end. For new players, Kindred is a difficult champion to master. In fact, Kindred’s unlikely to make an appearance at even the best LoL schedule. Looking to learn more about Kindred? Read on for 5 of the most fascinating facts about the Eternal Hunters.

1. Cultural Depictions of Kindred Vary

Kindred is connected to every other embodiment of death in Runeterra. However, these cultural depictions vary depending on location. In some cultures, the lamb half of Kindred is depicted as a young baby goat. Elsewhere, Kindred’s lamb aspect is a more fierce beast, complete with tusks. What’s more, the dual aspects of Kindred are looked upon from different perspectives. In some places, the lamb aspect is seen as a gentle presence that ushers children into the afterlife. In others, it’s outright dismissed as the weaker of the two halves.

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2. Kindred’s Counter

If you put plenty of thought into team lineups, you’ll understand the importance of counter picks. Although Kindred’s unique abilities can make them a devastating addition to any team, be prepared for an uphill battle if an enemy team adds Aatrox to their lineup. The Darkin Blade spells bad news for Kindred. In fact, you’re more than 7% more likely to come unstuck if an enemy team has added Aatrox to their ranks.

3. Kindred Works Well with Galio

Experienced players know which champions work well together. With a champion like Kindred, it can be tricky to match them up with the right teammates. However, if you’re looking for synergy, Galio is always a good bet. Galio can make quick work of energy mages, rarely stirring into action until magical abilities are used near him. If you’ve got Galio in your team, expect a slight upswing in win rate when playing as Kindred.

4. Kindred Wasn’t Always a Twin Entity

In their current incarnation, Kindred is instantly recognizable thanks to their dual identity. However, this mysterious champion wasn’t always a split personality. Fiddlesticks, another ancient champion, seems to have some knowledge of the person Kindred used to be. The Ancient Fear once referred to Kindred as the “pale man”, giving us a vague idea of the true origins behind this unusual entity.

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5. Kindred Appears to Everyone Eventually

Provided someone believes in Kindred, this champion will appear to them at some point in their lives. For most, this comes at the moment of death. At this point, the lamb or wolf aspect will become dominant. Which aspect claims the soul of the dying individual ultimately depends on the situation. If someone resists death violently, it’s said that Kindred’s wolf side will emerge to chase them down and put an end to them. If someone has fought valiantly, the lamb side will emerge to grant them a merciful farewell from the mortal coil.