After so much speculation and so many leaks, the next sample of League of Legends has been confirmed, thanks to the work of the famous dataminer Discount to 20. It is, as already assumed for some time, to Samira, the desert has risen.

Good that Riot games has yet to officially unveil Samira through the classic reveal, Surrender @ 20 has already managed to find all the assets that come with the new character, including interactions with other characters, her reactions and, most importantly, her skills. .

Samira will be a character who will make great use of the Style system, which will allow her to increase her power and unleash the strongest abilities. Specifically, the Style Ranks range from E to S and it is only by reaching the maximum Style Rank that he can use his Ultimate.

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But what exactly are Sumira’s abilities? We report them all below, with a caveat from Surrender @ 20: Since this is data discovered through data mining, it’s likely that in the end game the skills may be different or subject to changes, so don’t think of them as 100% accurate.

Passive: Bold impulse

  • Samira creates a combo with attacks and abilities unique to previous hits. Each of them will increase the style score, from E to S. Samira will gain movement speed for each rank. Samira’s melee attacks deal bonus magic damage, based on the target’s missing health. Samira’s attacks against enemies affected by immobilization effects are knocked back for 0.5 seconds and deal damage for 6 separate attacks. Samira can rush towards enemies slightly out of range.

Q: Flair

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  • Samira fires a blow that deals physical damage to the first enemy hit. If this ability is activated against an enemy within melee range, Samira will attack with her sword instead, dealing Physical damage. Both hits have a critical chance of 25% more damage. If activated during Wild Rush, Samira will attack all enemies in her path.

W: Blade swirl

  • Samira strikes around her for 1 second, dealing twice physical damage to enemies and destroying enemy missiles in the area.

IS: Wild Rush

  • Samira rushes into an enemy or ally, hitting enemies she passes through and gaining attack speed. Killing an enemy champion restores the skill’s cooldown.

Latest: Trigger from hell

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  • Samira can only use this ability if her Style Level is S. Samira unleashes a series of shots from her weapons, shooting all enemies around her 10 times within 2 seconds, each shot deals physical damage and applies Steal life. Any blow can be critical.

Samira is clearly a powerful character, but only if the player manages to master the style system. We will see how its popularity will be once it is officially introduced in the game.

What do you think? Does this inspire you?

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