• Leaks from nine months ago have been confirmed, stating that the new installment of Spider-Man will be a standalone add-on with Miles Morales as the main character;
  • the author of these rumors also informed about a few details about the production at the time;
  • according to him, the fun in the new Spider-Man will last much longer than in the three chapters of the City That Never Sleeps set, and in the game we will learn the history of the sym-brother used by Spider-Man.

One of the Reddit users reached the point nine months ago, in which details of the announced this Thursday Spider-Man: Miles Morales. The author of the entry already informed that in the new installment of the series in the form of the main character we will see Miles, and the production will be something like a stand-alone addition to the part from 2018 (he compares it to inFamous: First Light, which only confirms the recent reports that what form this title will actually take). This allows us to believe that the rest of the information he provided at that time may also turn out to be true. We write about them below.

Leaks about the new installment of Spider-Man.

First of all, according to the leaker, we will spend much more time with the new Spider-Man than with all three chapters of the City That Never Sleeps set. In the game, we get to know the story of the symbiote that Spider-Man used as a costume to enhance his abilities. so-called “black suit” will be fully playable, and a total of nine new ones are to be put into the hands of players. In the game, we will see Yuriko “Yuri” Watanabe and the hunter Kraven, and Venom and the Green Goblin are also to play a large role (other enemies will also appear). Peter Parker and Miles Morales will have something like a common command center.

According to reports, it will also be possible to transfer the save from Spider-Man from 2018, thanks to which the costumes and skills acquired by us in the previous installment will be available from the beginning of the game. However, all the above information should be treated with some caution, because most of it has not yet been officially confirmed. Recall that Spider-Man: Miles Morales will be released later this year exclusively on PlayStation 5.

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