Strange images leaked hours ago showing what they appear to be parts of the iPhone 12 and the official Apple case for your next devices. In these rooms, you can see a circle made up of several magnets that would be inside the device chassis and in the middle of the official case.

The images were leaked to Chinese social network Weibo and were shared by ToutApplePro, which seems to have an interesting explanation for its possible function. It is assumed circular array of magnets that the iPhone 12 housed inside the chassis It could be used to charge the iPhone in a new special docking station or to somehow place it in another external accessory.

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Some magnets that could be very interesting

First of all, you have to take into account that these are images filtered by unknown users, so we don’t know if they are reliable or not. Although on other occasions the Weibo leaks have shown us very relevant information about Apple devices, we need to take everything with caution.

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If these pictures are true, the the new iPhone would have 36 individual magnets arranged in a circle and two square magnets slightly larger at the bottom inside the case. We are not sure what they could be used for, although both ToutApplePro because several users have several interesting theories:

  • Air power. The first theory suggests that these magnets would put the iPhone in the perfect position on a so-called new wireless charging base. This way, the iPhone would be located right at the exact point of charge, so we wouldn’t have to locate that point ourselves. It looks like Apple is going to launch an official wireless charger for the iPhone, so it’s a very possible theory, especially since the magnets are in the case as well.
  • Reverse wireless charging. Another theory hinted at in the comments explains that magnets could be used to hold a device like Apple Watch or AirPods in an ideal position for the iPhone 12 to charge them via reverse wireless charging. A function that was expected in the iPhone 11 and which ultimately did not arrive.
  • New cover. Another possible use for these magnets can be a case, similar to the ones we have on the iPad Pro. This case would not cover the sides, but could be similar to the iPad Pro Smart Folio.

If these pictures end up being true, Apple has prepared a good surprise in the iPhone 12, these magnets are there for some reason. Regarding the iPhone 12, we already know enough, we will have 4 different models, all with OLED screens, 5G and the A14 processor. Apple might present them in September, but we wouldn’t see them until mid-October, and they wouldn’t all arrive at the same time.

Source : Techradar