The first results of the upcoming AMD Radeon Vega 20 graphics card in the 3DMark11 benchmark have been leaked. This new graphics core is a downsizing of the current AMD Radeon Vega 10 graphics cards manufacturing node to the 7nm node, with some improvements that would help them gain some performance.

We cannot deny that the current AMD Radeon RX Vega graphics cards have been a blessing/curse mix for AMD. Its performance has always been far from what users expected from the beginning of them. However, for AMD the ballot has been saved by the excellent performance of its AMD Radeon Vega 10 graphics core in computing operations, which has led it to become one of the most used models in cryptocurrency mining.

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All of this has meant that this model has been one that has sold exceptionally well, reaching prices that have skyrocketed well above the price recommended by the manufacturer when the first models hit the market. And yet, there has been a widespread market shortage for as long as it has been in production. To which we cannot fail to add the many problems that have occurred with the manufacture of their GPUs, which have considerably weighed down their production until recently, when it seems that they have already been solved a lot.

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The AMD Radeon Vega 20 benchmark belongs to an engineering sample

The AMD Radeon Vega 20 graphics card whose results have been leaked in the 3DMark11 benchmark is an engineering sample that belongs to the Radeon Instinct series that the manufacturer showed last week on Twitter, and whose drivers have to be taken with pins, as soon as Because they must be the first to be developed for this model of graphics card.

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It must be taken into account that Radeon Instinct graphics cards are more models for computing and Machine Learning, which do not usually have graphic outputs since they are not required to function. Although this aspect to us, as users, should not matter to us since the AMD Radeon RX models would have these video outputs since, in essence, they will be the same graphics card, although with different amounts of HBM memory in their cores. .

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As for the 3DMark11 benchmark results, they are consistent with a drop in its GPU manufacturing node, which should have allowed for a marginal increase in operating frequencies. Although, as we said, given how green these drivers are, it would be normal to see an increase in performance in future leaks as they mature.