Legendary Firebird Moltres Comes to Pokémon Go.

It is already a fact that the forays of the mobile game Android and iOS, Pokémon Go, They’re available. Due to these incursions, the legendary first generation fire-type bird has been introduced Moltres. For all the players who want to get it if they defeat him they can get it in each area.

But this is not a fact that lasts forever since this legendary pokémon will only be available until next August 7 to get hold of it. It is at this moment that another of the three legendary birds will make its appearance in the application of Pokémon Go, specifically the legendary electric type bird, Zapdos. However, from the studies of Niantic They have not given any official statement on what the plans are for these three legendary birds and the guardian who dominates at 3, Lugia once raid season is over, but chances are good they have something in mind.

It seems that the Pokémon Go game is in a second youth when it has registered the day with the highest income since its launch in July 2016.

Legendary Firebird Moltres Comes to Pokémon Go

Moltres This is a game-type pokémon that was added as a legendary bird in the first-generation games of the franchise. This is a huge yellowish bird with a flaming crest on its head and reddish-brown legs. Its wings and tail are engulfed in flames. It seems that this pokémon is inspired by a crane, although being a firebird it looks like a phoenix with beautiful flaming wings.

Zapdos it is a huge bird with a long, pointed beak with yellow plumage and bristling due to the accumulations of electricity it stores. This is the most irascible of the three legendary birds. It only allows the most advanced to cope with it, and its discharges can explode a power plant and explode great things. It is usually seen when the sky turns dark and lightning strikes or when the clouds part in a storm.

Legendary Firebird Moltres Comes to Pokémon Go

Articuno It is the legendary ice-type bird and is characterized by its majestic appearance. They are normally seen on glaciers and have a highly developed sense of honor. If this creature feels cornered, it will enclose itself in a layer of ice so that it can flee. E sun very lonely pokémon but it has a very territorial character since it will freeze the entire landscape around it until it feels comfortable.

Lugia is known as the Guardian Of the seas, and it originated while the universe was being created. It is believed that he himself was the one who created the Moon and usually lives deep in the ocean. Despite its enormous power, it is not a unique pokémon but lives in solitude due to the rarity of finding another of its kind. Its feathers are as hard as diamond and it can communicate telepathically and understand the language of humans. Aerochorro is this creature’s signature attack.

Legendary Firebird Moltres Comes to Pokémon Go