Lego codes marvel avengers codes that can help you achieve victories and defeat rivals more quickly, so we will tell you later in this article, be sure to read it.

lego marvel avengers codes

This work and play video game was created by the TT Games company and released by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, only for consoles from PlayStation 4 or 3, Vita and even Xbox One; and lego marvel avengers xbox 360 codeslater for Microsoft Windows.

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It is a second edition of the first version of “Lego Marvel”, which has an advantage where the developers themselves took the initiative to face all the avengers and grant them superior abilities through certain codes.

Lego codes marvel avengers codes grant special conditions to characters such as Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, Thor, Ultron, Loki, Winter Soldier, Falcon, Vision and War Machine, these will determine what they are their skills, and will allow obtaining various resources and weapons.

Likewise, you can activate codes for little-known characters like Devil Dinosaur and Fin Fang Foom, who can also develop abilities by activating certain commands; so get ready because we already started with this wonderful information.

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Some Lego Marvel Avengers codes

To access the skills, it is important to do the following: pause the game and click on the “Extras” option, then press “enter code” and a screen with options opens, there you must choose “Input Code” and enter the code to able to enjoy the trick.


Access the following characters, weapons, instruments and abilities by placing the following codes to obtain what you want, you will see how they perfectly meet what you want to achieve.

  • 2K8QCG: Redeem an Atomic Bomb
  • JYJ AFX, allows you to unlock the Detector minikit.
  • K66TQP, you get speed.
  • 5MZ73E, helps expedite rapid construction with red bricks.
  • MJNJ, you get a ball of butter.
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Codes to get characters

  • M562MB, you get Mantis.
  • 3ZDB2W, used to access Amadeus Cho.
  • MFUPE7, with this code you unlock Skaar.
  • ZNCK2S, Count Nefaria appears.
  • XP9QX9 to access Striker
  • R9CWTF if you want Swordsman
  • N4YANB, if you wish to have Quasar.
  • 4AKZ4G, you get Iron Man’s Mark 33 Silver Centurion suit.
  • JWRGP4, it helps you to unlock Thunderstrike.
  • BTS8M6, Cottonmouth appears.
  • 93NNGB: You get Chase.
  • A7BRT4, put this code to free Velo.
  • D4RREH: This code accesses Tigra.
  • UNECSY: It’s to bring Diamondback.
  • RABVV7: Unlocks Firebird.
  • 9KFJ7A: with these characters to obtain the mini Quinjet.

Weapon and Ability Codes

With this series of codes you can have some skills and weapons that can improve your condition to get more performance during the game and thus have a better experience during its course, you just have to apply them.

  • A bomb places 2K8QCG
  • To get Amadeus Cho’s ability use 3ZDB2W
  • Get a Flare by placing 8HG9HC
  • Generate a trace 93NNGB
  • A thunder impact JWRGP4
  • Cottonmouth Skill BTS8M6
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To perform various actions

  • Speed ​​Build 5MZ73E
  • JYJAFX Minikit Identifier
  • Function of Quinjet 9KFJ7A

Other forms and strategies

Certain characters do not have their own space, that is, they do not have their own equipment but they can be exchanged or acquired together with certain skills, after obtaining a certain number of points, or by looking for them in the character file.

unlock protagonists

Captain America, as is known, is one of the main protagonists of Avengerr and can be found in Shakespeare Park and in story mode, just like Captain America AOU; You can also get classic Captain America, in story mode but in the rail hydra. Let’s see others:

  • Classic type Ant-Man, you must complete the mission “The jury is out” and have 250,000
  • Bruce Banner, obtained in the Lou Ferrigno mission with 250,000 Bruce Banner
  • Ares is activated in Shakespeare Park, for 40,000 Bruce Banner
  • Black Widow, is unlocked in story mode without the need for points.
  • Unlocked in Story Mode Shakespeare in the Park N/A
  • Steve Rogers in his various versions as Civilian, in the gym or with boxing gloves in story mode and in Shakespeare Park, no points needed.
  • Captain America, Sam Wilson, in the capital Washington DC and with 150,000 plates.
  • Classic Falcon, only having 60,000 pts. and on the character sheet.
  • Iron Man in its different versions is obtained in the character file and has a value of several different points; but it is also obtained in the story mode in the park Shakespeare in the park or by completing some missions.
  • Loki without a helmet is achieved in story mode and no points are required. But Loki in a suit can be found at Shakespeare Park for 125,000 pts.
  • Red Hulk in character file for 70,000 pts. Classic Hulk is also achieved in story mode without the need for points.
  • Thanos, has a value of 2,500,000 points and can be obtained in the character tab.
  • Thor, is in the story mode without the need for points.
  • Thunder strike, in a person file for 40,000 pts.
  • Tony Stark on character sheet for 60,000 plates.
  • Ultron in various versions in the character file having a value of several points but Ultimate Ultron is achieved in story mode without the need for points.
  • Valkyrie, is located in Asgard and is achieved for 85,000 pts.
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Final Comment on Lego Marvel Avengers Codes

Each code and strategy applied in the game allows you to apply various forms of games, since each player has a certain preference for certain characters, so it is not necessary to have all the codes at hand, just locate the ones that are necessary for you to have a special moment. and live very fun experiences.

The important thing is to try to have fun without creating anxiety by not knowing the codes by heart. Try by all means to entertain yourself and not choose to achieve the obsessive victory that on certain occasions really takes away from the fun.

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