Since we all need to spend a little more time in the house, you have time to immerse yourself in faraway worlds a bit. Role-playing games of all kinds are always best suited for this. They’re real-time eaters with elaborate worlds and often complex systems – games that you can really bite into. Role-playing isn’t something you can always find the time for, but maybe you need to do it now. So here are ten of the best ways to get away from it all, each one usable for many hours, and very few of us – and none of me – will all have played. But we should, so have fun with whatever you choose! 

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And yes, I know what’s in the header, but of course there are a lot of games here for Switch and Xbox as well. But not at all. Hence the line “available for”.


The outer worlds


Before Obsidian now tinkers with Rare Avatars at Microsoft – I’ll keep bringing this joke until I see evidence to the contrary – they made a brilliant start for 2K’s Private Division label. A great classic sci-fi role-playing game with all the extras you could want. Varied planets, many strange characters, a very solid story with a lot of freedom on your side.


There are also two things that aren’t always taken for granted: the subtle humor and cynicism that don’t always make a perfect landing, but often enough to smile and very good shooter control with weapon feedback, feel and still in no way the base RPG overlooked. Around 40-50 hours of solo fun is available for anyone who’s ever wanted to see a hitchhiking and foundation crossover.


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Available for: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch to follow this year


Divinity: Original Sin 2


Fantasy as good as it can get. This epic offers it all. Want to disappear into a world full of dragons, baddies and monsters for 100 hours, then say to the virtual campfire “I did something”? No problem. Do you want to do it online with friends? It works the same, everything is more fun together, that’s the problem we’re having right now.


But there is still no problem here. Do you want to create your own stories and adventures so that you can send your friends through them and even have the option to customize these adventures on the fly for all your friends bullshit? Yes, it is also possible. This sequel stands out from all the big and new “old” RPGs and at least until Baldur’s Gate 3 it doesn’t seem to change much. By the way, you don’t need to know the predecessor. But if you don’t, you can also deal with it first, because its campaign isn’t bad either.


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Disponible pour: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch


Final Fantasy 7 Remake & Pathfinder: Kingmaker


One will be available soon for the PS4 and maybe also for other platforms, maybe – Final Fantasy – the other will be available only for the PC and maybe at some point for the consoles. We can only hope for the users of these platforms, because Pathfinder: Kingmaker, the successor of which is currently in construction, is among the best that can reach the fan of the truly old-fashioned RPG. This is where discerning connoisseurs of the Pathfinder pen and paper system have sat down and never wanted to compromise when it comes to exactly replicating the system and taking as much detail as possible with it. The result is that P&P Pathfinder players instantly find their way,

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Such attention to detail then plays a little bulky here and there, but there is a good ‘as before’ every second as you fight your characters in a real-time pause system for many wins. These then take you through a very traditional fantasy story, in which the name of the title is seriously meant, as you make yourself king, which is yet another level in the title over 100 hours, which is not too complex anyway open. A perfect game to curl up in front of the monitor and peek out of the room after a week.


Now on to Final Fantasy. Okay, that doesn’t exist yet, but April 10 isn’t far off and it doesn’t look like we’re all having fun in the park by then. So it’s also on the list, because a first piece lasting several hours left a great impression. We can summarize that Square Enix took over the story, its journey and the characters, but redid everything on the game itself.

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The all-new combat system guarantees more action without completely throwing away the tactical possibilities of the old ATB, you have more insight into the now-modeled world, which previously only included a few screens, and everything looks absolutely adorable. Okay, not all of them, there were a bit too many metal dungeon corridors, but somehow they even belong. So far if you want to live differently or if you’ve never played before, that will be great. Literally, this first part of the two-part remake is meant to be as big as any other Final Fantasy today – and they weren’t that small.


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 Final Fantasy 7 Remake is available for PS4, Pathfinder: Kingmaker for PC


Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers


No one should be alone, and since there is still no World of Warcraft on consoles, you are playing one of the other great MMOs. There is Black Desert, a great title. Or Elder Scrolls Online, which gets better with each additional mod – currently Elsweyr. Or you can access the current King Final Fantasy, which pursues the same strategy in its expansions, but in an adorable way.


Shadowbringers is compelling on every level, whether it’s in terms of history, world, small-scale system changes, new races and classes, it’s all here. Whether you want to watch again and reactivate an account or visit this world for the first time, it’s easily worth its initial price and $ 15 per month. Months, maybe years of everything that makes MMO good await you here.


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Available for: PC, PS4



Dragon quest 11


Looking for that old J-RPG kick, but don’t want to play one of the myriad, sometimes less shy, remakes that aren’t Final Fantasy 7? No problem. As if it were the ’90s, the current Dragon Quest shows no ambition to be anything other than what it always has been and therefore it shoots mercilessly. From the cute story of funny and colorful cephalopods, you smash levels in not entirely random battles like there’s no tomorrow, and accompany a colorful troop through dozens of countries, where of course you solve any problems they have.


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If you sneak around here and there feeling like you’ve played this before, it’s not a bug, but a feature, as this almost reactionary design cannot be interpreted otherwise. Either way, Final Fantasy can reinvent the world every time, Dragon Quest can stay as it is.


Available for: PC, PS4, Switch


Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire


The Predecessor was one of the first renaissance titles in the classic RPG, which is still in full swing, and it’s almost a little unfair that Part 2 goes down a bit. Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire is the even better game with much more variety, a more exciting take on its world, refined systems and, of course, more sophisticated graphics. In addition: there are pirates! Everything will be better with Pirates, at least as long as it’s not a sequel to Pirates of the Caribbean.


  Yakuza: Like a Dragon – From flogger to role play, as if it were the most normal thing in the world

You even have your own ship, sail the oceans and hunt no less than a traitor among the local gods. Great adventures, thanks to Obsidian as always, well written and nuanced and with a very solid tactical combat system, it is perfectly equipped for long days and evenings.


Available for: PC, PS4, Xbox One / Switch to follow later this year 


Kingdom Come: Deliverance


Didn’t you dare at the time? Were the bugs too bad for you, the graphics too bumpy, the frustration factor too high? So go to medieval Bohemia now! Warhorse Studios was incredibly ambitious from the start, designed complex quest courses, combined real-life events with creative storytelling, built believable factions around the world, tested a realistic gravity combat system, and all in one large world freely. accessible with castles, villages, forests and of course the wolves. So many wolves.


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It was pretty clear that something had to start early, which it did, but since then you’ve been busy, not just on the DLC to pay. Whether it’s bug fixes, graphics optimization, or even a bit of extra content here and there, the Epic is now polished and one of the most exciting gaming experiences outside of Fantastic Elements. elves and dragons. Good for many hours and now even more of a recommendation than it was then.


Available for: PC, PS4, Xbox One


Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel


Even Dragon Quest 11 isn’t classic enough for you when it comes to J-RPGs? Not epic and too cute or just too simple? Then move on to one of the series that may take the age of Dragon Quest. Although Legend of Heroes is not as well known in Germany, the series itself began in 1989 in Japan as the Dragon Slayer. He is only a few years younger than the ancestor and since then nothing has been lost in terms of ambition and epic. Trails of Cold Steel is the current cycle, which consists of four parts, the last of which is not yet available in English.


  The Last of Us 2 is a jaw-dropping PS4 farewell

But yeah, that’s right, it’s not a big 80 hour epic, but three to four – by the time you get to the fourth it should be slowly translated as well. This is also the reason why I haven’t really started myself yet, but if this Corona thing takes longer… come on. But yes, if you want round fights, big worlds, and an anime look, whose graphics can’t necessarily afford as many polygons as advertised, then you’ve got a long, long, fun journey ahead of you.


Available for: PC, PS4


Vambrace: Cold Soul


This very elegant indie is quite unusual in many ways. Despite being a thug with a randomly generated environment and encounters, he follows a rather strict and thrilling plot, which unfortunately not all games of this type can claim. Then everything takes place not only in an incredibly elegant 2D perspective, but also with a sophisticated round combat system, in which the very varied skills of the heroes are put to good use.


  A comparison video of Sackboy: A Big Adventure shows us the differences of how it looks on PS4, PS4 Pro and PS5

Vambrace is not without its weaknesses and many believe that the random element is often the reason. Sometimes a walk through an area is too calm, after which something very blessed with fighting, but in the end everything balances out. Maybe not quite insider advice, as luckily Vambrace wasn’t that pointless after all, but it’s still a game more people should play.


Here’s another game that doesn’t have enough people to play yet, although Capcom is working hard to make it accessible to everyone. Already released at the end of the last generation of consoles, it’s still a young classic at the end, which is definitely worth it, especially with its big add-on, which is included in Dark Arisen.


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As a cross between Monster Hunter, Open World, and many RPG systems behind the action-adventure feeling, it’s not the worst way to take a look at Monster Hunter afterwards. Or not, because Dragon’s Dogma is a lot, but definitely not an internal scam. It lasts over 80 hours, to date a very unique blend of Japanese design and Western compatibility, far from the anime look and great gameplay.


Available for: PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch

When you’re done… there will be some supplies, as some things like Persona, Diablo, and many more aren’t even mentioned.


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  Sony tells developers all PS4 games submitted for certification from July must be PS5 compatible