April has been a difficult month in which we have lived through complicated weeks and in most countries of the world we need to stay at home as long as possible to avoid this terrible global pandemic. Perhaps that is why this article is more important than ever. So that you have a good time and not get bored , here you have the best new apps that hit the App Store last week.

The App Store has millions of apps and every day new ones come in, sometimes it’s hard to find the ones that are really useful and we want to make your life easier. In this entry that we’ll update week by week, you’ll find the best iPhone and iPad games and apps that hit the Apple Store last week . Isn’t that awesome?

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New games from the last week of April on the app store

Dirt Bike Unchained

Compete against other players from all over the world on the right track in the desert , through swamps and forests. Interact with Red Bull athletes and get real branded motorcycles and gear.

Touchdown Glory 2020

Eliminate your opponents, improve your players and become the champion.

Legends of Runeterra

Set in the League of Legends Universe , Legends of Runeterra is a strategic card game in which only skill, creativity, and cunning will lead you to success. Pick your champions and combine cards from different regions (each with their own unique style and certain strategic advantages) to create the game that will take you to the top.

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Stick Superhero: Offline Games

A superhero is a heroic character, who usually has supernatural or superhuman powers , who is dedicated to fighting the evil of his universe, protecting the world, and fighting against bad guys.

Zone F2

In zone F2, the first mobile 1st person shooter players fight as attacker and defender in ultra-realistic environments, playing as one of the many selected agents, each with their own special ability. All fences and walls can be reinforced or destroyed, challenging the player’s abilities and strategies, as any wall can be an entry point.

New apps from the last week of April on the App Store

Bedtime ASMR – Sleep sounds

100% ASMR stories, meditations, sounds, music, whispers and videos! ASMR is a new way to relax and fall asleep in 15 minutes . Play ASMR sounds, music and tingling with the screen off and the sleep timer. Discover ASMR to relax, work, study, or seek relief from stress and anxiety.

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Slideshow maker ⁺

Slide Show Maker lets you make awesome eye-catching slideshows with just a few taps. Just select a few photos from your gallery and we’ll take care of the rest.

New games from the fourth week of April on the App Store

3d car games

GET IN THE CAR! DRIVE through these motorized GAMES! AVOID traffic! Get out of the parking lot! FEED friends! Find your way to VICTORY and play these action-packed mini-games! PUZZLES that will explode your MIND! And the ducks! SWEET RIDES! READY? YES! Let’s go !!!

½ halfway

In a world dominated by black and white, two elements search for a way to come together and restore harmony. Guide the glowing elements to the destination and gather halfway using the other strategically located objects in the level and demonstrate incredible abilities to solve puzzles by succeeding in difficult situations.

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Iota is the first hardcore platformer designed with the touchscreen in mind! There is no jump button. You’ll jump from floor to ceiling moving left, right, up, and down while dodging saws and dodging spikes to move to the next level.

Fit’em All

A breathtaking puzzle set . Very easy to play, not that easy to solve. Rotate small blocks to create large shapes.

Anti Pong

Anti Pong is a unique new version of the classic Pong game. Move your paddle up and down to dodge the bouncing balls on the screen. Balls hitting the paddle will remove bricks similar to an escape game, so you need to do all you can to avoid the ball. The last person standing wins.

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Stack the colors!

Move and stack the appropriate color platforms and finally hit them for excellent score increase in a perfect manner.

Unicorn catch

A for Adley is a fun YouTube channel starring 4-year-old Adley McBride with help from his parents. Adley loves playing with apps, he loves coloring and he really loves unicorns! Therefore, we have combined all your favorite things into one very fun and very free game for all your friends and fans watching your videos! Download Unicorn Catch now and start saving unicorns .


Who will be the last players in the game? you must answer what you prefer between the two options .
If you are in the minority, be careful, you will be absent! Do you want to lie to stay in the game?

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New apps for the fourth week of April on the App Store

Scanner LiDAR 3D

Do you have the new iPad Pro 2020 with LiDAR sensor? With this app you can 3D scan your house . With LiDAR 3D Scanner, you can create 3D models and export them to different formats (USDZ, OBJ, STL, PLY) very easily.

Moji ™ Photos Text Mood Stickers

An app with tons of Sticker Packs and Animated GIFs to share through your favorite messaging apps.

FYLTRO – Presets Lightroom

With this app you will have access to an exclusive collection of over 200 Lightroom presets . All created by a team of editors, award-winning photographers, guest judges and top bloggers.

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New games from the third week of April on the App Store

Ragdoll car crash

Prepare for the craziest sporting event Ever if you’re ready to throw in as many Shock models as possible. This ultimate arcade experience will make you stop smiling.

Dragon Knight: Realm Clash

Upon entering this adventurous world, all you have to do is gather heroes on this land and build powerful troops , expert in attack and defense. From there, the story begins. Train your troops and deploy them in different combinations to contain your opponent, gaining the power that can end wars.

Dip puzzle

From a normal ball, work by clicking on the masks you want to use and try to cover the correct ball. For example, the target ball or face might be orange with white eyes and black pupils, which means you have to use different lenses to block the paint and create the different patterns.

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Press to push

The objective is to push the blocks into their designated craters using the different machines, but in this complicated puzzle game nothing is as easy as it seems. Although the game starts out simple, the more levels you complete the more complex the game becomes.

Stupid Zombies 4

Stupid Zombies returns in a fourth episode of the popular series. You should already know how it works: bounce the balls off the walls to kill all the zombies in each level. Some patterns are more obvious than others, but you can’t eliminate zombie stupidity without the occasional smart logic.

Idle Mafia

Become shady trade costs , gather talented Capos at your command and occupy new territories by whatever means necessary.

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I found it! – Hidden drawings

Find all the hidden objects in the photos to be a detective and don’t miss any clues. Try your best to find the hidden object of the pictures and unlock more scene graphics.

New apps for the third week of April on the App Store

GamePad – Tester Controller

GamePad Tester allows you to test or troubleshoot your wireless controllers . Connect your controller to the iOS device via Bluetooth and you’re good to go. It is compatible with PlayStation Dualshock® 4, Xbox or all “Made for iPhone” (MFI) controllers

Oil painting by number

Painting the picture with numbers is faster and easier than other painting methods. You don’t need to consider what color to wear, just click the corresponding number color to finish.

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KeyWatch: Keyboard for watch

This keyboard for Apple Watch It will be immediately available on your Smart Watch once the application has been successfully installed on your iPhone. BreezeType offers a variety of easy-to-use keyboards that will finally make typing a snap on your Apple Watch.

New games from the second week of April on the App Store

Tug Of War Trucks

Try it out engine power in the final competition. In this challenge, only one thing matters: Is your truck powerful enough to take your opponent across the line? The more games you win, the fiercer your opponents will be.

To crush!

How do you feel driving a powerful hydraulic press ? What exactly happens to a pumpkin when you crush it so slowly? INCREDIBLE AND POLISHED REALISM, an incredible force that gives you the power to pulverize dozens of common objects!

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Go Knots 3D

A puzzle novel , you have to put each color string on its pole, but be careful and don’t get confused otherwise you won’t be able to finish.

New apps for the second week of April on the App Store


A great app capable of translating not only the texts you focus on with the camera, it can also recognize objects and translate the PDF files you have on your device.


If you love drinking photos and videos with amazing old school effects and filters then this is the app for you. Share it with your friends and enjoy their comments on social media.

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Famey2 – video editor

Convenient and simple, the only video editor you need to create your own style of videos. It has all kinds of templates and effects, FREE video editing tools and a music library, with which you can produce all kinds of expert level video clips, so that you can show your creativity with this video editor, all by sharing them with via Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and Snapchat, hassle-free


It’s a new platform that offers original content that adapts to any time of the day. Shows with the biggest stars in the world. Episodes in 10 minutes or less. Everything designed for your phone.

New games from the first week of April on the App Store

Animal kart racing world tour

Animal Kart Racing gives you a versatile gaming experience that you have never had before. Win this race to become the master of this fun race. Take part in sensational kart races and be the best kart driver in this tournament .

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Disney Sorcerer’s Arena

Disney Sorcerer’s Arena is the ultimate turn-based RPG with real-time PvP. Enter the daring and competitive world of the Assistant, where every choice you make will determine your legacy. Team up with dozens of battle-ready Disney and Pixar legends and put your powers to the test in the action-packed PvP arena.

Bungee jumping

A new extreme sport has arrived on the playing field . Do nothing, jump with your eyes closed. You can buy equipment, improve the environment, increase ticket prices, and make money more efficient.

Dicast: Rules of Chaos

Choose your hero, select your base and prepare for battle . Use extraordinary dice cards and strategically plan your moves to drain your opponent’s HP and win the game.

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Oh my goal! – Football 4

Have you seen this lens? MY GOD! You can now become world champion without leaving your home . Enjoy intuitive control and fun animation.

New apps from the first week of April on the App Store

Aesthetics – Disposable camera

A perfect camera filter app for those who miss photos from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Use multiple filters and retro effects to apply to your photos.

UniMote – Universal TV remote control

UniMote lets you easily control your Smart TV using an iPhone or iPad . You can change channels, adjust the volume and enjoy your favorite TV shows. It also allows you to stream media content directly from the Photos app.

  Art images appear that correspond to canceled The Legend of Zelda video game by Retro Studios

FilterRoom – Art Photo Editor

FilterRoom is a photo editor It has many setting options, a variety of original filters, and a smart capture function. The FilterRoom effects will be updated weekly for our users.

Check back next week we will add new apps and games to the list that they have reached the App Store, and of course don’t forget to check all the news that arrived in March, you will surely find some apps and very interesting games to download.

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