Let others earn money for you: how does G2A Goldmine work?.

You know what a family tree looks like, right? At the top you, and from you branch off individual branches leading to other relatives. The system that allows you to … earn money works in a similar way. We have already had the opportunity to talk about G2A itself and the sale of games through this platform, as well as think about the security and legality of this solution, but that’s not all – I haven’t mentioned the most important and convenient (for you as a potential earner) element related to this service – we are talking about G2A Goldmine.

The main reason why people choose G2A is quite obvious – it’s about money, of course. Games bought through this platform are much cheaper than if we had to get them, for example, through Steam. After all, if we had a car in showroom A and exactly the same car in showroom B, but it was twice as cheap – the choice would be obvious. The same is true here – the same product, lower price. In addition, there are often sales and promotions that additionally attract – so you can’t complain about the lack of customers. What if YOU could earn money from a G2A client? And no, you don’t have to work for this company – you can do it as a completely separate user. All you need is the G2A Goldmine system I mentioned earlier.

Let others earn money for you: how does G2A Goldmine work?

It is relatively simple – after registration you receive a special link, assigned only to your account. Your job? You must share it with others! In this way, we are heading towards an idea similar to a family tree.

What does work actually look like?

You have registered, you have your reflink (i.e. the link assigned to your account, which I wrote about a few lines above). Time to send it to your friends!

Let others earn money for you: how does G2A Goldmine work?
  • You know that Kasia wants to buy a game on G2A. So get to work! Send her your reflink. Kasia clicks on it, buys the game, and you get 100% of the money from this game. In addition, Kasia is enrolled as the first branch of our “tree” (so-called level one relationship) and a member of your (for now) two-person team using the so-called. cookies that are valid for 2 years. For each subsequent purchase of Kasia you will also receive some money.
  • Kasia knows that her friend Marek wants to buy another game. You don’t know Marek or even know about his plans, but it doesn’t matter because Kasia decides to participate in G2A Goldmine and gives Marek her reflink. Marek buys the game and Kasia receives 100% of the money. What is important for you – you also get a certain percentage for the purchase of Marek! Thus, he goes to your team as a branch leaving Kasia and becomes its member on the second level of relationship. This means that you will receive 60% of the money for every purchase of Mark – although you do not need to know about his existence at all!
  • Similarly, when Marek gives his reflink to Ania – Ania buys the game, Marek receives 100% of the money, Kasia also gets it (60%), and it goes to you (40%). Ania creates a branch branching off from Mark and becomes a member of your team on the third level of relationship.
  • In this way, you can invite more and more people to your team to invite more friends and earn money for you – the key is to start! Three levels of relationship is the maximum you can achieve, but admit that it is enough to send a reflink to a few friends and your team will grow to a really large tree size.

    You will also receive special profits if you catch a “Big Fish” – a person who reaches many recipients. We are talking about streamers, youtubers, famous bloggers, editors, etc. If you encourage her to use Goldmine, you will receive as much as 60% of its income. If your friend encourages her – you will get 40% of the earnings of such a Big Fish.

    Let others earn money for you: how does G2A Goldmine work?

    How to withdraw money?

    This is possible with your G2A Pay account, which is created automatically during registration. You can transfer the money you earn from this account to your bank account, PayPal, Skrill or Webmoney.

    Where to look for customers?

    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Internet forums related to games and more
    • Games with the possibility of contact with others
    • YouTube
    • Twitch and other streaming sites
    • Own website

    However, remember not to spam – instead of encouraging, you will only scare people away. Pass the link in a balanced way, think about the strategy, but don’t post it just anywhere, any way and in any amount – most often this action ends with blocking your account in certain places.

    Let others earn money for you: how does G2A Goldmine work?