There is a lot of confusion with this face masks and facial ID issue after iPhone last updated to iOS 13.5. Most media reports all news including new feature allows Face ID to recognize whether or not we have a mask. But that has led a large majority of users to believe that Face ID will unlock the iPhone even if you’re wearing a mask, and that’s not what iOS 13.5 includes, thankfully.

We are going through difficult times around the world and the use of masks has spreadIt is even mandatory in countries like ours. Masks are for Face ID what gloves are for fingerprint sensors, if you cover your face, the system may not recognize youJust like covering your finger, you won’t be able to use Touch ID or other similar systems.

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To partially resolve this current issue, Apple included a mask detection feature in iOS 13.5, but this function does not unlock the iPhone, which would constitute a serious security problem. What it does is when it detects you with the mask on immediately request the code without having to wait for Face ID for a read error.

A misconception that many users have had

Before iOS 13.5, when you had a mask on your face, Face ID was trying to scan your face normally and obviously he failed by wearing more than half of his face covered. After not recognizing you, and after about 3 seconds, the iPhone showed you the unlock code. It means that every time you unlock iPhone with mask, you have to waste a considerable amount of time. Considering that on average we unlocked the device over 30 times a day, it could be quite intimidating.

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Now with 13.5, when you have a mask, Face ID recognizes you are wearing it, also recognizes other types of clothing that partially cover the face, and instantly, iPhone shows you the unlock code without having to waste those 3 seconds or so.

Keep in mind that Face ID recognizes the patterns of our whole face and that the bottom and the mouth are fundamental aspects when identifying. If the iPhone does not see them, it is impossible to unlock them. If Apple had allowed Face ID to work with masks, the security of our devices and our privacy would be at serious risk as there could be many false positives.

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Face ID

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It is true that maybe now Using Face ID is not as comfortable as it was before the pandemicHowever, most of the time you use the iPhone you will do it at home or in places where it is not necessary to wear a mask, nothing happens by having to put the code from time to time, everything is for our safety and that of those around us.

Source: Techradar