Let’s clarify three things about The Last of Us Part II.

Many were misled by the leaks and began to hysteria about things that aren’t really the way they think. We try to fix a few things as spoiler-free as possible.

For weeks, slowly months of reasoning in the forums and in the posts below the news and videos that The Last of Us Part II sucks, sucks because it forces the views of liberals, Naughty Dog is also submissive, softened, wants through video games brainwashing – only those who forcibly emphasize this may not have played the game. They read something on which they pulled themselves up, suddenly took over someone else’s opinion without proper information, and started shouting it out, sometimes just because they saw their life in the LGBTQ + community as spoilers.

Let’s clarify three things about The Last of Us Part II

No matter who thinks about this issue, one often makes the mistake of projecting an image of a particular movie or game based on its micro-community and the information bubble it creates. However, an opinion is only worthwhile if it is at least based on facts, and now it is not a question of what is right and what is not (because it is a matter of individual perception), but whether the problem really exists, which is so has employed many in connection with this game. You may not like the story, but let’s clarify a few things now – with as few spoilers as possible – so that we can evaluate the piece a little more calmly in light of it, or you can decide in the first place whether you want to buy the game.

The most important element of The Last of Us Part II is that Ellie is a lesbian?

Obviously not, it’s ridiculous to think that. There are both gay and heterosexual characters in the game (several of the latter, of course), as well as those whose gender identity doesn’t come to the fore, as this is only where it really matters in terms of the story. Ellie’s sexuality has already been featured in The Last of Us: Left Behind’s DLC, and whose kiss there has ruined the experience will keep her mouth shut here too, but anyone who goes beyond that will get a story that has a lot more to do for 20 hours. everything else happens; such as brutal murders and a straight sex scene.

Let’s clarify three things about The Last of Us Part II

Is a homophobic sect really the main enemy?

No. In Seattle, there are two factions facing each other, a military organization called the WLF (or FRK in Hungarian) and the Seraphite sect, and we, as Ellie, both clash with both. They don’t kill because they’re homophobic, though it’s true that their rules are strict, and they also condemn if someone, for example, doesn’t wear their hair the way the teachings they follow require. They kill everyone who does not surrender to them, but otherness is not a primary factor for them; in this respect they are no worse than any fundamentalist sect.

Is there really a trans character in the game?

There is, but not the muscular chick (Abby) is. He’s just muscular, a really masculine physique, and he explains very well (several times) why he kneaded himself so much. The transgenderness of the other, actually trans character, comes up, but this, too, is very cleverly woven into the story, incidentally, in connection with a real, ancient problem; exclusion is not just a problem for LGBTQ + people, we could easily even switch to bullying with it.

Let’s clarify three things about The Last of Us Part II

So that’s all there is to it; The Last of Us Part II is a near-perfect game with a well-twisted, detailed storyline, enjoyable stealth gameplay, survival horror elements, and a spectacle similar to what we’ve only seen from Naughty Dog. Whoever has more than just hetero white characters in it completely kills the experience, don’t play with it, look for something else; whoever goes beyond this will get to know one of the best games of his life.

  • Developer: Naughty Dog
  • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Platform: PlayStation 4
  • Style: Action, Adventure, Surviving Horror
  • Appearance: 6/19/2020

In the second part of the cult The Last of Us, we go five years after the events of Naughty Dog’s survival adventure, when the infected are still a huge threat to survivors, but other living people often cause an even bigger problem: Ellie experiences this on her own skin when we take over take control of it in a brand new, more exciting, emotional and fantastic story than before.

Let’s clarify three things about The Last of Us Part II