Let’s talk about CoD’s past. WILL COD: WORLD WAR II REVIVE THE SAGA?.

Welcome to what is my first article for SamaGame, I know that I am getting into a quite controversial topic and that surely most of you do not care about this topic, but I would like to give my opinion about all this and more now that the A new game is near and many are already speculating that the saga will return to what it was in its beginnings, but is there hope for this? Here we go!
(At some points I am going to use the “jargon” of the game, such as “campero”, I assume that if you have read this article you will know the jargon)

Before I start giving my opinion on whether or not this new activision game will revive the saga, let’s look back a bit and remember what CoD’s past was like and what made this game like millions of people.

Well the formula on which the game is based is simple, it is an uninterrupted action game in which you are constantly shooting left and right, with a respawn in which it does not take a second to reappear and a movement of the Something arcade doll that improves this game mode dynamics, basically it could be defined as: frenzy.

Let’s talk about CoD’s past. WILL COD: WORLD WAR II REVIVE THE SAGA?

All this added to the fact that the game began to explode the multiplayer era on consoles, made the formula take on even more force, resulting in one of the FPS that has given more hours and hours of vice. But what is it that has made this formula stop working?

I think the answer is pretty obvious and we all know it here: a toxic community.

Let’s talk about CoD’s past. WILL COD: WORLD WAR II REVIVE THE SAGA?

Like any online multiplayer game, for it to last it needs a healthy community so that the game can thrive. This Call of Duty was able to reveal, since at that time, although the game was famous, it had a modest community, which this collapsed with the YouTube boom.

Speaking of YouTube, undoubtedly this made the game gain popularity and be much more recognized, but at the same time it was a double-edged sword, since many YouTubers took advantage of this game to make their channel a “trolling” channel. “spoiling the gaming experience for other players. This unfortunately began to become fashionable back in the CoD MW3 and I suppose there is no need to comment on why this was one of the things that destroyed the community …

Let’s talk about CoD’s past. WILL COD: WORLD WAR II REVIVE THE SAGA?

The “trolleys” is only one example of the things that the saga was loaded, another, that everyone already knows are the “camperos”, but, were the camperos always in the saga?

Obviously in all online multiplayer FPS, we are going to find the classic “tryhard” player who wants to end with 0 deaths on his counter and plays safely, but what we find in CoD is something that is already over dark brown.

Let’s talk about CoD’s past. WILL COD: WORLD WAR II REVIVE THE SAGA?

This “camper” mentality was not always so intense in the first games of the saga, it began to develop thanks to YouTube, when the game became more popular and more competitive back in the MW3 and BO2, where we saw youtubers play games. and we wanted to be like them, making people start playing in a safer way (jacket) to get more casualties and fewer deaths, doing this in turn that the frenetic gaming experience that made the game triumph began to spoil , already breaking completely in what was the game that personally loaded the saga: CoD Ghosts

Be careful, I do not consider it a bad game, in fact it is a game that put on paper I loved it, the problem with this game was the community, it was almost impossible to play it due to people standing on every corner, leaning out of the window frames or hidden in unthinkable places, making you have to go with extreme caution and even afraid of rushing.

The activists wanted to do something about all this camperismo and implemented a new player movement system, the exoskeleton, or “the hops” as they are commonly known.

Let’s talk about CoD’s past. WILL COD: WORLD WAR II REVIVE THE SAGA?

And this only made the saga even worse, for the classic players that we had since the beginning, this did not make us very funny because it completely changed the game, and the players who came from more recent games (Bo2, Mw3, Ghosts) found it impossible to put into practice their favorite game “mechanic”, camping.

The saga was already sunk, and activision to revive it wanted to implement in its new game (infinite warfare) the call of duty that the community loves the most, the one that began to exploit online multiplayer and made a place among the greats, the CoD 4 Modern warfare, but was this a good idea?

Well the answer is yes … and no. This made many players (myself included) return to the saga after many years without playing it but personally I think it became strange to play it, although the game was the same only with a facelift, it was no longer played as before, it felt different, people played differently about safe (jacket), which forced you to play very carefully as well, spoiling the gaming experience, and loading the formula that made CoD the boom of its generation: frenzy + online multiplayer. So the only thing they achieved with this game was spoil the good name of “CoD4” and the new generations who played it, played it without capturing the essence of what this game really was and in general the saga.

Let’s talk about CoD’s past. WILL COD: WORLD WAR II REVIVE THE SAGA?

And well, having already reviewed the past of this saga, and taking into account everything said above, the question I asked at the beginning can be answered by itself, this new CoD game, although it has returned to its origins from the second war world and has removed the exoskeletons, it is not going to revive the saga, it will triumph in sales, but the saga has died many years ago, the problem is not the game, it is the game community and as we saw with Modern Warfare Remastered, The formula that made the game triumph has already been broken and that is not the only thing, there are more points such as the subject of the DLC’s that I am not going to get into so as not to make this article too long. So nothing…

Thank you all very much for reading me, tell me what you think about the subject and I hope to read you too. Until next time!