Lexmark Cloud Bridge is the new connectivity suite launched by the manufacturer, which aims to expand access toadvanced capabilities of Managed Print Services (MPS). This suite becomes very important in companies that are characterized by complex network environments. It also enables more partners to effectively manage their fleet remotely via Cloud Service, across multiple devices.

“Customers expect the same level of support through MPS on any device in any type of network environment or location. Our partners need to be equipped to assist them remotely in a similar way,” said Brock Saladin, Lexmark senior vice president and chief commercial officer. “We developed the Lexmark Cloud Bridge to easily and securely bring the advanced capabilities of MPS via the cloud to any network environment, from corporate headquarters to distributed environments to the home office.”

The advanced features of the Lexmark Cloud Bridge suites

According to Lexmark, through the Cloud Bridge suite, you can enjoy the advanced features of print services in any network environment. Specifically, the suite allows customers and partners to:

  • simplify IT tasks and reduce the cost of printing infrastructure
  • increase device uptime with predictive service
  • keep printers secure with cloud-based firmware and configuration updates
  • enhance fleet visibility through a consolidated portal and interactive analytics
  • enable remote management of hyper-distributed fleets

Lexamarl Cloud Bridge is based on a native agent which is already standard on many of the manufacturer’s newest devices. Alongside him works a Printer Agent che runs on enabled printers that are not IoT native, and un FleetAgent which operates via server or PC and that gives you the flexibility to aggregate data on-premises with a server-based solution. There is also a Local Agent which supports direct PC-to-printer connectivity. Lexmark Cloud Bridge’s scalable architecture can be expanded to meet future connectivity requirements for maximum flexibility.

“The Lexmark Cloud Bridge connectivity suite allows us to deliver our advanced print services anywhere, anytime or in any print environment, from a global fleet of 100,000 devices to a single device in the home office,” adds Saladin. “The Lexmark Cloud Bridge architecture is based on a solid foundation that positions us best to meet the needs of customers and partners today and in the future.”