LG Italia announces that root and custom ROMs will not disable the warranty

A couple of hours ago it jumped what will be great news for many if it finally also expands to more countries, and that is LG Italy has confirmed that, at least in the transalpine country, enable access to the account root or change the ROM official will not influence the warranty.

Here is the translation of the statement that LG Italia has posted on Facebook:

After seeing the numerous requests received through our official page on Facebook and in the forums attended by us, we inform that the enablement of root access of our smartphones and the subsequent installation of alternative firmwares will not void the 24-month product warranty.

This management applies to all Android smartphones sold by LG Electronics Italia. It is understood that LG will not be responsible for any malfunction and / or loss of data due to firmwares other than the original and that the terms described in the warranty card attached to the product remain in force.

Thus, it is confirmed that LG will be the first manufacturer to fully open the doors to the community, also providing assistance to phones that have been modified, rooted or have a custom installed ROM. It is therefore confirmed that LG adds another advantage to your Optimus lineWell, surely this news will be well received by the majority of users and the developer community.

It has not been confirmed for any other country, and we do not know if other LG divisions will adopt this strategy, but we hope that this is the case and we can also enjoy the guarantee in Spain even if we have rooted the terminal. Will other companies also get on this wave of opening?

Source | twitter of LG_Italia