LG offers its latest creation for the digital signage market, namely the film LED Film Transparent (LAT14) which revolutionizes the retail sector as it can be applied to any glass surface already present in the store or representative office.

LG LED Film Transparent, as you might guess, is self-adhesive, so it can be easily attached to existing shop windows without the need for complex installation, making it ideal for shops, malls, hotels, stadiums and airports to communicate directions and messages of branding a simple and impactful way

LG launches LED Film Transparent for simple and impactful digital signage

LG’s LED film is able to bend up to reach a radius of curvature of 2,000R. This allows for applications on concave and convex surfaces and on curved glass or windows, ensuring a uniform surface. The size and layout of the film also they can also be customized to fit the installation area. Any expansion of the viewing area simply requires adding multiple movies in portrait or landscape format or a custom cut according to specific needs.

LG LED Film Transparent, maximum brightness and remote management

The bright LEDs integrated into the film have a 14mm pitchesand most importantly they are able to provide a brightness up to 2,100 nits (cd/m²). This feature allows the reproduction of a full range of colors and vivid shapes in motion (from logos and pictograms to more complex images or entire videos) thus enabling retailers to communicate content and information in the best possible way. When the LEDs are turned off, the LG film “disappears” until it merges completely with the surface on which it is applied.

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The management of the content proposed on the film is simplified thanks to the platform Control Manager. Available for internet-connected devices, users can control the content and monitor the status of multiple displays in different locations in real time. This becomes particularly useful for larger installations where users need to review content before sending it to display. Control Manager also allows you to adjust and set the brightness based on the time of dayso messages aren’t too bright at night or faded if the area is exposed to daylight.

Finally LG LED Film Transparent is compatible with webOS Signage, a web-centric platform from LG which makes it easy for system integrators and developers to build web-based solutions based on various environments. By supporting open APIs and being compatible with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, you can create content for display in no time and without much effort.

“LED Film Transparent is the result of a constant research path, aimed at satisfying increasingly personal and emotional needs in the business sphere. We are always very attentive to market trends and we are convinced that retail will increasingly evolve towards a hybrid, physical and virtual model, in which digital signage will play an increasingly crucial role in communicating, informing, attracting and maintaining the attention of the public. We at LG will be ready and will accompany our customers in this evolution by offering increasingly innovative and personalized solutions”. said Luca Russo, Sales Head Information Display Italy of LG Electronics Italy.