From the LG G Flex and that LG G5 modular, it seems that the company has insisted on launching something different on time and with the latest, the truth, it has managed to differentiate itself a lot. We tell you about it after our first impressions of the LG Wing , a mobile with a rotating screen and different from any previous smartphone that we had tried.

The brand manages to break with the above and change paths in its endeavor for double screens, discarding accessories and betting that it is the mobile itself that can offer it and with a different format than what we saw in the Nubia Z20 or folding ones such the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. In its characteristics we see Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 765G processor, with which it has support for 5G and a peculiar combination of cameras with which they intend for this mobile to play, especially to content creators . We tell you how.

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A different mobile than the one that takes getting used to

With this very different form factor, doubts about your comfort come soon. In fact, the fact of being a mobile with a rotating screen makes us notice from the first moment that it is a large and thick mobile , reaching 10.9 millimeters in thickness and a weight of 260 grams, above bulky and heavy mobiles like the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra (220 grams) or the iPhone 12 Pro Max (228 grams).

Lg Wing 01 Diseno 04

That is, the integration of these two screens means that the LG Wing is a more bulky phone than we are used to and especially it will be more difficult to get used to if we usually use the phone with one hand. The Wing’s grip is not particularly comfortable or secure, because in addition to its size, its finish makes it a slightly slippery phone .

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Speaking of other aspects of aesthetics, the back has a gloss finish with a mirror effect that will be marked at all times by our fingerprints as soon as we start using the device. Although if we prefer to forget about dirt and protect it from scratches and bumps, we will see that LG includes a cover.

Lg Wing 01 Diseno 07

Speaking of the LG Wing camera module , at first glance it is an almost twin brother of the one we saw in the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, especially because of its shape and the size of the large sensors that make it up. Of course, it should be noted that despite its large size, the module does not stand out as much as the one we saw in the Samsung phone and also comment that the lenses seem to have an even diameter, unlike the “water droplet” design of the LG Velvet.

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Next we will talk about the screens and your experience with them, but in terms of design, comment that both panels take advantage of the dimensions of the phone very well , leaving very little space for the margins and without presenting notch or holes on the screen in the main one. The reason: resorting to the pop-up mechanism for the front camera, as we see less and less in general.

Lg Wing 01 Frontal 01

In terms of resistance and durability, the mobile has IP54 certification for resistance to water and dust and the MIL-STD 810G military certification. In addition, the manufacturer promises that this rotating system holds up to 200,000 turns, it will be necessary to see if it at least withstands all those that we will give it in the in-depth analysis (in which we have already given it, which are not few, so far).

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Lg Wing 01 Diseno 01

More screens, more possibilities

The new big bet from LG comes with a main screen with 6.8-inch OLED technology and with slightly curved edges . By rotating this panel we see the secondary screen, a 3.9-inch OLED in an almost square format and, yes, totally flat.

Lg Wing 01 Diseno 06

At the quality level, in general the display is correct in all types of content, especially in the main one (despite having slightly less density than the other). We see that in both cases it is a FullHD + resolution , which is enough to give a good experience, but at the same time the opportunity to place a higher density and resolution in a large 6.8-inch panel is wasted.

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The curvature, yes, usually has implications in the handling and this is one of the cases. Gesture navigation is not very precise on the main screen, so when trying the “back” gesture we had to repeat it several times to get it right.

Lg Wing 02 Curva01

The experience with the double screen

Speaking of the usefulness of the screens, our experience with the LG Wing has revolved (pun intended) around multitasking , seeking to see if as the manufacturer ensures it goes further in the Wing. And a priori we can say that thanks to this new two-screen format, this function can be used more than just one screen.

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To favor the experience with multitasking, we can use these two screens with the orientation we want since the interface adapts according to our holding of the phone and in what orientation it is. Thus, we can have the main screen up or down and the small one on the opposite side, or if we prefer to have the mobile vertically, we can also choose between having the main screen on the left or right and that the interface is oriented as it touches.

Lg Wing 01 Diseno 02

Of course, keep in mind that these screens work independently of each other , although there are applications such as messaging, gallery or multimedia players that can adapt to this double format. In this way, they offer the main content, such as a video, on the larger screen, the small screen being reserved for the control panel for playback, brightness and volume.

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In the same way we can run the browser and an application to take notes simultaneously. This function can be very useful if we want to take notes without losing sight of the content we are consulting or copying text from it.

Lg Wing 03 Uso 01

By the way, when receiving a phone call we can use the small screen to pick up the hook and use the large panel to continue using the phone. Or even make a video call, but the latter does not seem to work perfectly yet, since although the software tells us to rotate the phone, we do not see anything happening.

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The same goes for the camera app . In fact, there are some options that favor one mode of use or another if they are selected with the two active screens, such as the “gimbal mode”, one of the main novelties of adapted software that runs with video capture. With it, the controls of a stabilizer are emulated to be able to handle them on the secondary screen.

Lg Wing 02


We have also tried watching a series, movie or video on the main screen to be able to chat with the secondary in the meantime . This has worked well and there have been no interruptions in either of the two tasks, being able to talk to our contacts at the same time as we watched a video.

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And what about video games ? At the moment we have seen that the ‘Asphalt 9’ is optimized for the LG Wing, so that while we run a race on the main screen we can see the route we are traveling simultaneously on the secondary screen. Of course, for now there are not many games that are optimized for this terminal.

Lg Wing 03 Uso 03


We have found that the LG Wing format expands the possibilities of using a mobile as long as we need to run two applications at the same time independently. But the list of optimized applications is still short

What in these first tests we have found the format of the LG Wing is that the possibilities of using the mobile are expanded with these two screens as long as we need to run two applications at the same time independently. But, on the other hand, the list of applications that are optimized for the two screens of the LG Wing is still brief.

Lg Wing 03 Manejo 01

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In addition, we believe that LG has missed the opportunity to interconnect these two screens as we have seen in the Samsung folding. The LG Wing lacks an option to “drag” content from one screen to another such as images, web pages or text, and it is a function that could greatly improve the experience.

A hardware that withstands the pull, although raising the temperature

We have talked about the use of many types of tasks, and for this it should be remembered that inside the LG Wing we see the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G processor , accompanied by 8 GB of RAM and an internal storage of 128 GB. In addition, we can expand the latter with microSD cards up to a maximum of 2 TB.

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Threading with the comments in the previous section, in our case we see that multitasking is going to be a function that we use mostly on this phone. Thus, after having been testing the phone for several hours (almost always with two apps active at the same time), with more and less demanding applications, it seems to us that the terminal comes very well optimized and that the 765G has been able to do everything and that. more demanding multitasking , despite not being high-end.

Lg Wing 03 Formats


Thus, for now we have not seen lags , jerks, or uncomfortable waiting times. Of course, the phone gets hotter than we expected .

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Speaking of the battery, the LG Wing integrates a 4,000 mAh battery . It supports wireless charging and we have had good experience with fast charging, although this section as usual we can gut it in detail in the in-depth analysis after a few days of use.

Lg Wing 04 Varga 01


The triple camera and the “gimbal” function

We said at the beginning that the rear camera scheme is somewhat unusual in this mobile, and we meant that what we see is a 64 megapixel main sensor, a 12 megapixel wide-angle sensor and a 13-megapixel wide-angle sensor megapixels (neither tele, nor macro, nor depth, two wide angles). The front pop-up camera integrates a 32 megapixel sensor.

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Before talking about the photographic performance, which we will see in a superficial way in this contact while waiting for the in-depth analysis, is that we have had some problem with the orientation of the camera . When turning the phone there were times when the app did not recognize the vertical or horizontal orientation, although in the photos in the gallery it seems that this is corrected.

Lg Wing 05 Gimbal 01

Thus, after a few first captures , the cameras seem to give good results in favorable light, although it seems that in low light conditions there is more room for improvement, especially if we use the wide angle. In macro photos we miss more detail, since sometimes the main object is slightly blurred.

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What has surprised us for good has been the front camera , both in photo and video, since it offers quite accurate images. Except for the portrait mode processing, which is not as accurate as it should be when you have to improve the crop of the subject.

In terms of video, the gimbal mode has practically been the protagonist of our tests, and for the moment we believe that it does a good job of correcting the shakes. We have obtained well stabilized shots, although the only complaint for now is that we can only record in HD or FullHD, dispensing with a 4K recording in this mode.

Despite these first tests, we will continue to take photos and videos to be able to tell you in much more detail if the photography and video of the LG Wing passes our analysis with flying colors.

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A mobile that does not understand the status quo

Leaving the comfort zone is not easy and it seems that LG did not want to settle for launching one more phone that would be immersed in the already wide current mobile showcase, without making noise. The LG Wing is a proposal that manages to get out of line in the design section thanks to this new rotating dual-screen format, and can be a resource that manages to attract the attention of those users who prioritize multitasking or stabilization without resorting to accessories.


In fact, at the moment we believe that multitasking is the main claim that this new format can support, given that due to specifications it is not a phone that stands out especially from the competition. In the case of not intending to use multitasking, perhaps the LG Wing may be something more anecdotal than functional.

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Despite everything, it is said that whoever does not risk does not win and LG seems to have taken the first step towards a possible new way of consuming mobile telephony, baptizing it as “Project Explorer” (in reference to this new line of mobiles). For our part, there is still to be squeezed out of this new terminal, so we will tell you more in detail (and soon).

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