Gallura Pest control chose i LG bifacial photovoltaic panels to make the company’s new headquarters in Olbia more efficient. The 25 400wp modules of the series NeON 2 Bifacial allow you to reach an A4 energy class while making up for the huge demands of sanitation machinery.

LG’s bifacial photovoltaic panels for Gallura Disinfestazioni

Gallura Disinfestazioni has a leading role in Sardinia in the sector of hygiene and environmental sanitation. In 2020 he made a new headquarters in Olbia, with a space dedicated to anti-woodworm treatments. Function that requires the use of machinery with high energy consumption. Despite this, the Petta family wanted to get one energy class A4 for the building (which also serves as a residence for the family).

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For this reason, he took care of the details of the implementation of the thermal coat, of the radiant systems for heating and ventilation. Finally, he asked SEU Impiantistica Srl, LG Pro Partnersto install photovoltaic panels. After an initial analysis, it was estimated that the plant should have a power of about 18 kWp. But the space available and the aesthetic needs required a compromise.

Greater efficiency

For this they were mounted 25 LG NeON 2 Bifacial 400 watt modules for a total of 10 kWp. LG’s bifacial solar panels are designed to use both surfaces of a PV module, absorbing more light and generating more energy. This is also made possible by the transparent film on the back, which allows them to be double-sided. The 72 monocrystalline cells high efficiency allow to reach 400 Watt peak.

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This allowed the building an autonomy of more than 40%despite the enormous demands of the system. Joseph Seu, CEO and Owner of SEU Impiantistica Srl explains: “We have been LG Pro partners since November 2020 but we knew the company even before. Being a partner of LG has allowed us to obtain numerous advantages especially as regards the market of commercial systems. Our core business until the end of 2020 was exclusively residential. We have approached commercial systems this year and LG has allowed us to have all the credentials to obtain excellent results in this segment of the market as well. Compared to the residential market, in the commercial market the choice of the module and the quality of the product are much more important and more incisive. This is why LG’s guarantees, technical specifications and quality have been an important lever for closing contracts for us”.

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