At the end of September, I informed you that LG’s flagship model, specifically the LG G6, received updates to Android 9.0 Pie. Privately, I am the owner of this particular model for about a year and four months. I received the previously mentioned update on October 1st. I would like to show you what has changed and tell you if it is worth doing this update.

New Android – new design

The new version of the system brings many changes. One of the most visible, immediately eye-catching differences compared to the previous version of the software is the completely new look of the system. It’s really hard for me to define. LG refreshed the icons of its applications. They look much better in my opinion, just like the rest of the system, because the visual changes go much further than just the icons. The changes also affected the notification panel. Again the icons have changed. Or at least the Wi-Fi one. The entire panel is now rounded and the icons are in green circles. The brightness bar has an orange bar that indicates the level of brightness that can damage your eyesight. In the settings, the icons of individual categories also gained different colors.

Personalization above all

In addition to the aforementioned changes in design, the new version of the system brings many novelties. These include digital balance and parental controls, which are standard Android Pie options. Interestingly, I’m pretty sure there was only digital balance after the update. Parental controls may have reappeared after a hard reset. From other pure Android features, we have gestures. They are quite intuitive. We also have the option of changing the color of the navigation bar regardless of the mode we choose, because the standard 3 buttons have been left despite the addition of the gesture mode. We have a choice of 8 colors: white, grey, purple, yellow, red, pink, brown and green. However, these colors are not very expressive hence this is a bit my interpretation. Sometimes it’s hard to tell exactly what color it is. Despite such a wide range of colors, we do not have the option to set the navigation bar to black, which I find strange. We also got screen color modes: automatic, cinema, sports, games and expert. The latest novelty related to personalization is the Home screen lock. The name speaks for itself, so I don’t have to explain what the option is all about.

Major news and improvements

We get a lot of hidden features. Floating Bar this is the first of the hidden features. We get an additional bar with quick access to shortcuts, screenshots, music and quick contacts. We can have up to 5 shortcuts for quick actions or favorite programs. Another novelty is screen recording. Everyone knows what it is, so I won’t elaborate too much on this option. We can choose the source of the sound, choose whether we want our face to be available on the video. We can record video in a maximum resolution of FHD 2160 × 1080. The perfect option for recording let’s play from mobile games on YouTube or Twitch. Context Awareness is an extended option from the previous version of the system. We can choose what should happen when we are at home, away from home, at work, outside of work, when we have earbuds and Bluetooth headphones connected. The next option is known, for example, to Xiaomi users Double application. It allows you to clone programs such as Facebook or Messenger, so you don’t have to switch between accounts, but both are active. Back to streaming for a moment, YouTube Live option appeared in the camera settings. YouTube streaming in camera options? Quite interesting. An update worthy of YouTubers. The last option is extended game manager. A dedicated icon appeared. After entering the program, we have access to all the games on our smartphone. We can mute media and turn off alerts. The search option will take us to the Google Play store in search of new titles. The games channel, on the other hand, will take us to … YouTube to watch let’s plays or watch game trailers. I think I already said that this update is perfect for mobile let’s players, right? Many other applications have also received a refreshed look inside, e.g. gallery or theme section. Feature added Flash Alert after an incoming call. The function is a bit pointless since no one puts the smartphone with the screen on the table top … well.

Unfortunately, not everything is perfect…

Okay, we have a lot of improvements and refreshes. And how does the system work in general? According to benchmarks, the system got a big kick. In fact, it does not look so colorful anymore. I thought that since the update process took a long time, because at that time the next version of Android had already been released, at least we can count on a refined system. Well, we can’t. The system interface is cut at every step. And that’s after restoring the system to factory settings. There’s already a patch out to fix it… but it didn’t fix it. We all know very well that the pace of releasing updates by LG is their Achilles heel. With this in mind, I was hoping that since they give themselves more time than other manufacturers, I would at least get an update without bugs. Still, I was disappointed. We get lagging soft full of mostly unnecessary additives. If this is the approach of the Korean giant, then let it be better to give it a rest … LG, despite innovation, makes fun of customers, making them wait at least half a year longer for an update that turns great equipment into a paperweight. If it continues to look like this, it will have to go to the competition. And there will be no turning back.