Life is Strange 2 lacks a compelling storyline and doesn’t give details about its gameplay. The heights of part 1 are never reached.

in the Life is Strange 2 Commentaire You can read in Nathan if Dontnod Entertainment manages to breathe new life into gameplay into a worthy sequel.

With Life is Strange, Dontnod Entertainment delivered a gripping story-based game to the Walking Dead, but gave the concept a unique twist. The character development, surprising twists and coming of age made Max and Chloe’s adventure sweep you from start to finish. “Changing food makes food,” Dontnod thought, because Life is strange 2 has a completely different starting point and introduces a new superpower as a central gameplay element. But an awkward storytelling perspective and a slow, subtle storyline ensure that the level of the original is never reached.

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The main problem with the central superpower is that it is in the wrong hands, namely Daniel’s, not the main character Sean’s. Some objects in the environment have an additional option for Daniel to use them. At no time, as Sean, are you actively performing an action with this power. Moreover, the superpower does not help shape the course of history, and it is an exaggeration to say that it builds “puzzles”; moving more than a tree stump or opening a door does not mean that, which does not create tension. In short, the new superpower is not an original angle and undermines the essence of Life is Strange. The game can almost be described as a visual novel with point-and-click elements rather than an interactive story, so you lack engagement.

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Plus, Life is Strange 2 is constantly struggling with crazy tempo changes. For example, each episode has a very slow build-up. You often do tedious tasks, like chopping marijuana leaves or filling a water tank. If the tempo was already slow, a cutscench won’t improve either. Many times you have to wait a full minute for someone to come to you after seeing everything in that room, the game equivalent of embarrassing silence. However, Dontnod also tries to blow your socks off every episode with a few dramatic events in no time. While this sequence of scenes briefly revives the game, it’s a very sweet dessert after a lean main course. You often lose your attention, when these dramatic scenes cannot convince you. It makes you hungry in Life is Strange 2 in every episode.

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Life is Strange was known for its flaws in technical beauty, but more than made up for it by its charm. In Life is Strange 2, however, it’s hard to look past the flaws. Lip sync is better, but not yet perfect. Here and there you see frame drops and objects disappear. Daniel must follow you, but often stands behind a rock. The water on the skin is well designed, but the shadows are blocked with the same graphics settings. Voting work is also a major problem. Sean in particular always falls back on a plaintive emotion, so that you feel less sympathy for him. All small comments, but the whole thing ensures that you’re never completely drawn to the story.

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Life is Strange 2 Review – Little kids, big worries: The superpower is only in Daniel’s hands.

As for the story, Dontnod also makes mistakes. The studio tackles the difficult subject of racial stereotypes in the United States, but makes the crucial mistake of consistently falling into stereotypes. A diabolical drug dealer, a fanatic Christian, several white racists… All are pushed forward without nuance, which undermines the whole point of the story. Especially when at some point a Mexican refugee points out that not all Mexicans are criminals but you see the opposite example a little later, it becomes clear that Dontnod’s post goes completely wrong due to the poor handwriting. All of this undermines the authenticity in which Life is Strange 1 was just as strong.

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Life is Strange 2 Review – Find the Squirrel: Dontnod keeps an eye out for details big and small.

That’s not to say that there is nothing good to be found in this successor. Often times you can enjoy overwhelming images of American nature, with indie music subdued in the background. There are also some interesting supporting characters that give the story some depth and most importantly the attention to detail is striking like a handwritten letter with deleted words and a neat environment. The dilemmas in which time has stood still for a while, as usual, also create the necessary tension. While Life is Strange 2 isn’t overall convincing, you know you’re playing a game made with love.

Life is Strange 2 falls short of expectations after its great predecessor. The central playing element is out of your hands and never puts the story in a decisive crease. With that, Dontnod pulls on his own. Plus, the pace is too slow to keep you on the ball, while the dramatic twists and cliffhangers seem like an overkill. The story can’t make up for the missing depth, as it goes wrong due to weak and nuanced writing. This undermines the developer’s many good intentions, as some awesome pictures and clever details are there. Life is Strange 2 falls short of its original level: Max & Chloe had a special story, but Sean & Daniel’s lacks the direction needed.

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Nathan reviewed Life is Strange 2 on PC.

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