Life is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 2: Brave New World walkthrough.

After you got a glimpse into Chloe Price’s past with the first episode of Life is Strange: Before the Storm, episode 2 continues. Again, she and Rachel are confronted with unpleasant truths and tasks and Chloe has to decide how far her relationship with Rachel will ultimately go. Our complete solution tells you how you can get through the second of a total of three episodes.

Brave New World: Director’s Office

You are in the director’s office. During the conversation, you listen to the allegations and then you can either appease Chloe’s mother or calm Wells.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 2: Brave New World walkthrough

Then Rachel stands up for you and takes the guilt on herself, as well as she asks you to apologize. You can also say that this is bullshit or you can agree.

Finally, you can agree to Rachel again or try to go through with it Contradict to take the blame Pay attention to these keywords:

Life is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 2: Brave New World walkthrough
  • reality
  • Acting
  • do not tell me
  • Prescott
  • truth

If you succeed, Rachel is allowed to take part in the play, but Chloe is expelled from school, which is inevitable no matter how you go about it. You can only influence the duration. If you put the blame on Rachel, it will be for the rest of the school year, otherwise forever.

Then search through Chloe’s locker and look at her things as you wish and throw them away. Lastly, look for the grass.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 2: Brave New World walkthrough

Brave New World: Parking Lot

You land in the parking lot. Take a look at your messages, then look straight to the right. On the loading area of ​​the truck you will see lamps where you can put up graffiti.

You can now look around the parking lot and talk to Eliot, it won’t have much impact. Then go to Chloe’s mother to talk to her and David. Depending on your behavior, you worsen or improve your relationship with him.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 2: Brave New World walkthrough

Then you should empty your pockets. If you refuse, the relationship worsens and Chloe runs away in the end. If you empty your pockets, the further course depends on your previous decisions. If you stole the money from the seller of the shirts in the first episode, David becomes suspicious. Did you buy weed with it, of course, David thinks it’s anything but great. If you’ve slipped it to your mother, David won’t find anything and is at least reassured for now. Otherwise he could also find a piece of candy that you received from Mikey while playing the role-playing game.

Brave new world: junkyard

Then we went to the junkyard. In order to repair one of those scrap-looking cars, she needs a battery. So you should look around for it.

If you turn to the left, you will see a boat there. However, you need help to get to the top, so get the pallet next to it. You can then put graffiti on a hood and watch the forest fire on the roof, if you want.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 2: Brave New World walkthrough

Have a look around the junkyard if you want, you will also find a few references to Life is Strange there. Otherwise you walk past the school bus until you see another truck with an immobilizer. Open the hood with the lever in the interior (first you have to try to open the hood like this) and remove the battery. Then bring it back to the other truck and install it.

Otherwise you will need a bulb for the lamp, something to mend the rusted hole in the floor and something to replace the seat cushions. There are a few things you can use for this, such as a wobbly Elvis in a box across the street, a toy robot next to the boat and a pirate flag on the front of the boat (also a beach towel on a truck) and a practice green further back next to the Hut.

Put everything in the car to compensate for the deficiencies accordingly. If you place the wobbly Elvis on the dashboard, Chloe’s dream will be a little stranger later. Then Frank will contact you and say that he is on his way to see you. After the conversation, you can put a graffiti on the partition wall directly behind Chloe. Then you smoke a cigarette until Chloe falls asleep and starts dreaming.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 2: Brave New World walkthrough

In a dream you take a marshmallow and listen to the words of her father. After the dream ends, Rachel arrives and wants to play another game. It doesn’t matter what you talk about here, because in the end it’s about Chloe’s father again before Rachel has to leave again.

Finally you are in a hut. Look at the wall on the right and paint on another graffiti. Finally, you can decorate the hut a bit and then you should open Rachel’s bag. If you want, you can get new clothes like this. Then Frank arrives, so go to his trailer.

Brave new world: Frank’s caravan

You are now in Frank’s caravan and can decorate it with graffiti right away. Do that on Frank’s shopping list in the cooking area. If you want, you can take a look around the trailer before you go back and get the notebook. Then go back to him and talk to Frank.

Among other things, you can ask him about the woman you just met before boarding. Since he doesn’t really want to answer, you can have a Contradict– Challenge get an answer. Pay attention to these keywords:

Life is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 2: Brave New World walkthrough
  • Don’t give yourself away
  • Dream cloud
  • sixth Sense

Then you learn from him that he has an assignment for you. You are supposed to go back to Blackwell Academy and get Drew money that Drew owes him. He also speaks to you about your own debts. Have you taken the money in Episode 1 and it is still in your possession, you can now settle your debts.

Brave New World: Dorm

Frank drops you off at the dormitory. But first the time has come for another graffiti. Go left to the wet cement and walk over it, then you decorate the whole thing a bit.

At first, it is not so easy to get into the dormitory itself, because the door is closed. Go left over to the caretaker’s room, because now you have to distract. You have to distract him. Take a look at the keys beforehand. Then turn around and you see a student with a camera photographing a bird. Look at the sprinkler and then scare the bird, which doesn’t really work. Then go to the other side of the bird and startle it again to make it hop back.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 2: Brave New World walkthrough

Then you repeat this two more times until Evan leaves. Then damage the sprinkler and get the keys from the caretaker’s room. If you’re there right now, you can put some graffiti on the white door.

Before you go to the door, you can talk to Steph. You can tell her the nature of the relationship between Chloe and Rachel since she is jealous. Then it goes to the entrance, but where you are confronted by Skip.

Convince him with one Opposition challenge. Pay attention to the following keywords:

  • Woman thing
  • Creepy
  • Wells doesn’t respect you
  • I also thought
  • Looked at t**s

Once that is done, it goes inside. You now take a look at room 105, Elliot’s room, which is immediately on the right. Take a look at the diary in the drawer, then you can decorate his whiteboard next to the door with something new by applying graffiti.

Now it’s on to Drew’s room at number 110. Take a look at the chest in the corner, which is secured with a number lock. Then look at all sorts of things in the room. Then just try a few combinations, and Chloe asks Steph for help. She tells you Mikey’s birthday: 1227. Chloe enters the combination and gets the money.

As you leave the room, you meet Mikey, and Drew also shows up. And Frank’s thugs also show up. Now you have to decide whether to give Damon the money or not. If you do that, he disappears and Frank is happy with you. But that again makes Drew dissatisfied with you.

If you don’t give him the money, you can either return it to Drew or bring it to Frank. Your decision influences how the respective protagonists react to you later.

Brave New World: Play

You walk across the school grounds and can then speak to Mr. Keaton and continue your conversation from episode 1. Then you go to the girls’ changing tent to meet Rachel.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 2: Brave New World walkthrough

What happens now depends on your previous decisions, especially what happened to the director at the beginning and whether Rachel is still allowed to play. If she is no longer allowed to do that, Victoria takes over her role. So that Rachel can get the role anyway, you can either convince Victoria to give it up voluntarily, or Rachel prepares her tea so she can’t participate.

Have you taken the blame in the beginning, you catch Victoria in turn, how she wants to prepare Rachel’s tea. Search the purse, then look at the pills. To convince Rachel, let her swap the teacups and Victoria drinks it herself. In the end, she drinks it and falls over. And that in turn means that you have to play Ariel in the piece.

If you smoke something before the performance, Chloe thinks about different things, and Elliot asks where you are when you’ve made an appointment with him.

In addition, you should look at the make-up mirror on your right, because you can add another graffiti there.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm Episode 2: Brave New World walkthrough

This is followed by the performance. It should be clear that the whole thing is not going as planned. Nathan and Sam also appear here and how they react depends on how you behaved towards them.

Brave New World: Way Home and Amber House

The episode is nearing its end and an important scene occurs between Chloe and Rachel on their way home. Here you determine whether the two will only remain a friendship or whether a romance will develop. Depending on what decisions have been made beforehand, there will be a kiss.

In Rachel’s home, they both want to plan their escape, but are first asked to eat. Rachel’s mother asks you to set the table. Take plates out of the cupboard and put them on the table, then you should ask Rachel’s father what he would like to drink. Then you get a glass out of the cupboard and also put it on the table, whereupon you talk to Rachel’s mother again.

After you have set the table, you wait to light the candles. If Rachel’s mother leaves the stove, you can decorate the newspaper article on the refrigerator with the last graffiti of this episode.

Then you light the candles and the meal begins. The main thing is that Rachel’s father is cheating on her mother. Either calm Rachel down first or confront her father with one Opposition challenge.

The following keywords are important here:

  • dead end
  • Responsible dad
  • Darkness
  • Don’t hide anything

In the end, your decisions will affect whether you or Rachel accuse her father of cheating, then the episode ends.

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