Some of the first accessories that come to mind when we think about automating our home are The lightbulbs. Controlling the lighting via the smartphone or with our voice via a digital assistant is very comfortable, and with a little configuration it is possible to create routines to automatically turn the lights on and off.

HomeKit, Apple’s home automation system, is compatible with “smart” bulbs. However, not all models available on the market are. Although there is a range of interesting options, the possibilities are much more limited than on other platforms such as Alexa or Google Assistant.

In this article, we will help you in your search for “smart” bulbs and lighting systems. Compatible with Apple HomeKit. The models are fully functional with this service, and below we explain how to install and connect them to be operational.

Apple HomeKit: how to add accessories

The heart of the HomeKit home automation system is the Home app. This app is available for iOS and macOS devices, but to add new accessories, it is essential to use the version for iPhone or iPad. Before registering a new device, you must turn it on, approach it and check if necessary Equipment extra to make it work.

About what Equipment extra is because some home automation devices need a bridge so that they work, as is the case with Philips Hue products or some from Xiaomi Aqara. This device should always be turned on for accessories to communicate with HomeKit and respond to actions.

Once the checks are done, we open the Home app and click on Add an accessory or a + button. The camera will open and we will have to scan the QR code or the eight digit code printed on the device or in its documentation / instruction manual. However, if we have an iPhone 7 or later and see an icon similar to the Wi-Fi network, we can zoom in on the terminal to quickly add it.

As soon as the device appears, you have to touch it, and if we are asked if we want to add it to the network, we click on Allow. Finally, it is necessary give it a name and assign it to a room to facilitate its identification in the Home application and to control it with the voice assistant Siri.

Finally, it is advisable to have a central or centre at home so that we can control these devices in case we are gone. For some accessories, it is almost essential. We can use a HomePod, Apple TV, or iPad for this purpose.

How to identify HomeKit compatible devices

Apple Homekit

Manufacturers generally indicate on the product packaging using a sticker (Work with Apple HomeKit) that the device in question works with the Apple home automation system. It’s very important to note that while there are bulbs that are compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, they don’t necessarily have to work with HomeKit.

In fact, it’s quite common to see models that work with both of these systems, but not with Californians. There are even manufacturers who offer two models of the same accessory, one for Alexa and Google Assistant and one for HomeKit. The latter, moreover, usually something more expensive that the other. And it’s no mystery to us that HomeKit-compatible products have a higher price tag than other proposals.

Bulbs and lighting compatible with Apple HomeKit

Osram Smart +

Osram Smart Plus

One of the bulbs that we can use with HomeKit is the Osram Smart + (34.94 euros), with E27 cap and adjustable multicolor light thanks to its app and HomeKit, we can therefore choose between cold and warm whites and a wide range of other colors. It does not need any additional hardware to operate, it is 10 W and has energy efficiency class A.

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LIFX Mini E27 bulb

Mini Lifx E27 bulb

Another option compatible with Apple HomeKit, but also with Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT and more is the LIFX mini E27 bulb (52.95 euros), with a compact design that does not require or centre no bridge to operate. According to the manufacturer, it has a 22.8 year term using 3 hours a day, according to the manufacturer. It is 9W, has adjustable control and offers multiple lighting colors. There are more options (in caps B22 and E27 in white color).

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Yeelight LED 1S

Yeelight Led 1s

One of the Xiaomi sub-brands, Yeelight, also offers the 1S bulb (28.99 euros), which works on both Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. It supports 16 million colors and the temperature range is 1700 to 6500K. It can be adjusted to better suit the time of day. The manufacturer claims to have a approximate lifespan up to 25,000 hours.

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Ledvance Smart Plus

Another proposal that is added to the previous ones is the SMART + from LEDVANCE (24.47 euros), compatible with Apple HomeKit, Alexa and Google Assistant. 60W, the socket is E27. It also does not require any additional device to be able to use it, you must therefore connect and register it with the Home application.

Apart from this model, LEDVANCE has more options in the catalog, such as the adjustable Edison Gold Filament (€ 20.30), the Globe Gold Filament (€ 35.60), the Gold Filament (€ 15.38) and the adjustable filament (15.92 euros)

Philips Hue E27 warm white light

Philips Hue 01

Philips Hue is one of the most popular “smart” lighting options. The entry model is available in 8.5 W, 9 W and 15.5 W. Warm white light, it is dimmable to adapt it to the time of day. Philips Hue yes they need a bridge or a hub to work, and although the bulb alone costs $ 16.49, the pack can go for $ 66.38.

Philips Hue White Ambiance lighting starter kit

Pack Philips Hue

If we are looking for a pack that has what it takes to get started in the world of “smart” lighting with Philips Hue, it has three 9 W white light E27 LED bulbs, bridge and remote control for 99.90 euros.

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Eve Flare

Eve Flare

The Eve Flare LED lamp (94.99 euros) is quite curious. Being portable, it can be carried comfortably anywhere thanks to its handle, it is waterproof (IP65, so it can be placed outdoors) and offers up to 6 hours of lighting, and charges wirelessly using the included base.

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Philips Hue Go

Philips Hue Go

Another portable table lamp with white and colored light is the Philips Hue Go (69.99 euros), which has predefined light scenes. Also with rechargeable battery, it offers an autonomy of 3 hours or 18 hours thanks to the light effect Cozy Candle.

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Lifx Z LED light strip

Lifx Z

Besides bulbs and lamps, it has also become very popular to use LED strips to light up the house. Lifx’s (79.99 euros) is one of the proposals compatible with HomeKit. To have Integrated Wi-Fi, a brightness of 700 lumens per meter and the possibility of extending up to 10 meters with the extension (29.95 euros).

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Xiaomi Smart Bulb Color Bulb

Xiaomi smart bulb color

There are more and more Xiaomi devices compatible with Apple HomeKit, such as the Smart Bulb Color (15.99 euros), a relatively inexpensive proposition that is also compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. This is 10 W and its socket is E27.

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Yeelight Dimmable Bedside Lamp Table Lamp

Yeelight bedside lamp

If we are looking for a complete bedside lamp, this Bedside lamp Yeelight (59.99 euros) is an interesting option. It supports 16 million colors and can be controlled both through the app, by touch or with the voice assistant Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant.

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