Linux Mint 20 Ulyana released!.

A new release of one of the most popular GNU/Linux distributions for home users has been released in a stable version! Mint is based on Ubuntu, and since version 17 from 2014, it is built exclusively from the LTS (Long term Support) version of Ubuntu. The latest release is the first release based on the current Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, which was released in April. New Mint is an LTS release, which means it will be supported until 2025. Ulyana is the code name of the new version, each release is marked with a female name, and the new major release is the name with the next letter. Mint Linux almost always came in several versions with different desktop environments. Here we have Cinnamon, MATE and Xfce to choose from. I created a Bootable Live USB and ran a new Mit without installing to take a closer look at it.

What’s new?


As I mentioned, the new Mint is based on the next release of Ubuntu LTS, which results in the lack of a 32-bit version. Ulyana is the first Mint that is only available on x64. We will find here a newer kernel in version 5.4.0-26-generic, which means, among others, better performance, better performance of graphics cards and native support for the exFAT file system from Microsoft. A system without running applications consumes about 600MB of RAM. Current versions of available desktop environments: Cinnamon 4.6.6, MATE 1.24 and Xfce 4.14. when it comes to the appearance of the system, we got a new Mint-Y-Aqua color theme, Yellow color for folders, a refreshed Update Manager icon in the System Tray and a renewed welcome window that we will see after installing the system.

Linux Mint 20 Ulyana released!

The Snap Package Manager has been disabled by default in the new Linux Mint release. The reason is user freedom, which Canonical manipulates with Snap. The British company often stuffs its Snap wherever it can, especially lately. Mint developers said NO and then blocked the controversial Packet Manager. The idea of ​​user freedom allows us to manually restore access to Snap if we want, with just a few commands in the terminal.


The Nemo file manager installed by default struggled with performance issues. It was mainly because the program could stutter when we tried to open a folder with many images. All because Nemo wanted to immediately load the thumbnails of each of them. From now on, the first thing we will see is the icon of the default program for displaying graphics, then the thumbnails of the images will start loading at their own pace, so as not to burden the system.

Linux Mint 20 Ulyana released!

Warpinator is a simple and convenient application for transferring files over a local network. The feature was previously offered in Mint thanks to the Giver program, which unfortunately is no longer supported and has been removed. Warpinator must be installed on both computers, the computers will see each other in the program if they are in one local network.


The option appeared in Ubuntu 20.04, on which Mint is based. Fractional Scaling can be found in the screen settings, we can scale the interface by 125%, 150%, 175% and 200%. Unfortunately, I could not use this function, because the resolution of my monitor (1440×900) is probably too small.

Linux Mint 20 Ulyana released!

Among the applications installed at the start we will find the Mozilla Firefox web browser version 77.0.1, the Mozilla Thunderbird 68.7.0 e-mail client and the Libre Office office suite. We can install applications from the store, which can be found under the name Software Manager. In terminal we can use apt manager or flatpack to manage packages. Mint is based on Ubuntu, which is based on Debian, which means that we can easily install packages from a *.deb file.

Download, try and install!

Linux Mint 20 Ulyana ISO images can be downloaded from the official site. Mint, like many other distributions, allows you to run the system without installing from the media. We can download the ISO, burn it to a CD (no, it’s not the Middle Ages …) or use, for example, the Rufus program to create a bootable medium. After selecting our media in the Boot Menu of the computer, we get the option to install the system or test it without installation, as I did when I was collecting screenshots for this news.

Linux Mint 20 Ulyana released!
  • 1GB RAM
  • 15GB of storage space
  • screen resolution 1024×768
  • 2GB RAM
  • 20GB of storage space
  • screen resolution 1024×768
  • Linux Mint 20 Ulyana – Cinnamon – Download
  • Linux Mint 20 Ulyana – MATE – Download
  • Linux Mint 20 Ulyana – Xfce – Download