List of the best sites to open CSGO crates.

A video game called Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was developed and published by Valve in 2012. It quickly found huge success and is currently considered one of the best in the esports industry. Since CSGO is a free game, anyone can download and play it for free. In any case, Valve is very profitable. How? Because of the business strategy they chose, which was based on a system of unique attributes. They are accessories and skins that improve the player’s appearance without affecting the functionality of the game. You can open csgo crates to get many interesting items that will become your assistants in the game.

Opening Cases – Specifics

Players have had access to a variety of items in CSGO since 2013 when Valve added skins to the game. There are several ways to buy goods, for example:

List of the best sites to open CSGO crates

This method has become popular among gamers due to the likelihood of getting higher value items when opening low value chests.

List of the best sites to open CSGO crates

top sites

There are several websites where it is better to open the crate you want and enjoy.


One of the most well-known and popular crate opening websites right now is BloodyCase. Battles can be won with both BloodyCase and Cases.

List of the best sites to open CSGO crates

Among the advantages:

  • Daily reward for current players.

  • Bonuses for new players are offered.

    List of the best sites to open CSGO crates
  • Bonus promo code offers free coins and money.

  • A large number of options.

The various CSGO skins and cases are easily and quickly accessible for customers. BloodyCase payouts are instant. If you’re concerned about the security of your information, you can have peace of mind knowing that the SSL encryption technology used on BloodyCase’s official website encrypts all data sent between your browser and the web server. Despite this, the site has integrated payment platforms that prevent money loss.

List of the best sites to open CSGO crates


You can find numerous different types of cases and millions of players on the Hellcase website. Even the option to upgrade your stuff is available. You can expect activities there such as B. CSGO battles where you open cases with other players and debate who is lucky and who wins more money.

farm skins

On the Farmskins website you can discover a variety of crates, some of which are user-made. Everyone has the opportunity to open and craft their own chests, get a variety of things and at the same time earn from them.


Datdrop has every case and skin you can think of. There’s a lot more you can do on Datdrop than just buy cases and earn beautiful skins. For example, you can engage in wars with other players to see who is luckier.

How else can I get CSGO cases?

CSGO cases can be purchased on the open market in a number of ways, unlike certain other games where skins can only be purchased directly in-game. So, in order to get a CSGO crate, you need to play the game, earn gun cases, and then buy a key to unlock the case and get the CSGO skins inside. Right now you can open hundreds of CSGO crates to get high quality weapon decals. Each box is unique and is packed according to a specific concept. Even an uncommon item, most commonly a knife, can occasionally be found in a suitcase.

List of the best sites to open CSGO crates


When you consider the anticipation of the unknown – will you win, will you get the skin you want – opening CSGO boxes can be a lot of fun. The recommended case opening sites described above do a great job of protecting your information and your financial transactions while providing you with the best possible service so that you can enjoy playing and winning items.