During the PS5 event last week, a trailer for the indie title Little Devil Inside was shown. And its developers have apologized for the “racist stereotypes” in this trailer.

“No one (not just the team members) has ever commented on the character’s design or made any suggestions,” a statement said. Likewise, the opponents with dreadlocks, labia majora and a loincloth, which can be seen in the video, are not an allusion to “real African and / or African-American human tribes”.

“Racial stereotypes of any kind were not unexpected, we weren’t aware of stereotypical connotations, and we would like to apologize to anyone who might have been offended by the character’s design,” the creators said. “Also, no one (not just the team members) has ever commented or suggested the character designs. However, these characters were not presented publicly before the event. “

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He goes on to say, “The intention behind the design was to create characters who are the protectors / guardians of a particular mystical region in the world of Little Devil Inside. We haven’t produced any character designs that focus on real African and / or African American humans. The emphasis was on creating colorful masks and our designers studied masks from all cultures. As characters in the game, they move in groups and use arrows that paralyze when hit. We wanted to give the mask design some character and bring it to life – something like the little Kakamora characters in Disney’s Vaiana. ”

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In response, the developers want to remove the dreadlocks, change the lips and skin tone, and adjust the blowpipe so that it looks “less like a joint.” However, if the changes prove to be inappropriate for the game, they can change it completely.

“Whatever our intentions, however, we sincerely apologize if anyone has been offended in any way,” the studio wrote. “In short, this is our first game title and we are still quite naive in a lot of areas. As always, we thank you all for your support! “

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