The Little Orpheus game tells us the story of a Russian astronaut who manages to enter the depths of our planet in order to explore extinct civilizations, jungles and maritime kingdoms.

The game is developed by the Sumo Digital studio, the game has been inspired by classic movies like Flash Gordon, Sinbad and The Land That Time Forgot, words of the Sumo team people.

Story of Little Orpheus

The game starts with a video, where it already tells us that the game’s story is extremely important. In this story our protagonist is called Ivan Ivanovich, a clear reference to the mannequin that came to orbit the Earth for the first time in 1961 as a test of the Vostok spacecraft and the SK-1 suit.

Ivan Ivanovich enters an extinct volcano in a small capsule, in order to explore the depths of planet Earth. And after years he returns to the surface, assuring everyone that he has saved mankind from his doom.

We can see that it is a game that the story has a lot of weight, although it ends up being a short story, it is undoubtedly worth it

graphics and sound

It is the strongest point of the game without a doubt, since from the beginning we can realize the level of graphics that it has, all the textures of nature are very well achieved and the dinosaurs as well, without a doubt could fight for the title of the best graphics in the Apple Arcade catalog.

As for the sound, as soon as we start the game, it gives us a notice, which recommends us to play with headphones or active sound, for a more enveloping experience and they couldn’t have been more right, the sound gets you into the atmosphere of the game. Level by level gameplay, from the sound of Ivan’s footsteps to the ambient noise, it’s wonderful.


It is perhaps the weakest theme of the game, so to speak, since having such excellent graphics and a great story, you certainly think of another kind of game engine and not a 2D one, where we can only go forward or jump but always in the same direction.

One advantage is that since the game engine is so simple, the experience is really the same whether you play with an external controller or use your hands.

Little Orpheus Conclusions

Undoubtedly for its graphics and its history it is worth it, also it is not particularly long or complicated.

It has only 8 levels, in which we are exploring the story of Ivan and his journey at the bottom of the earth.

But the game engine, it is a must, is a great game in the Apple Arcade catalog, but it will hardly be able to beat titles with aspirations to emulate the gaming experience on a console.

An important point is the performance of the equipment due to the high graphic demands, it is not available for all devices and with the same level of graphics.

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