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Business games Usual gameto put it lightly, rarely go to the PC. Anyway, anywhere outside of consoles Nintendo – for many years Usual game releases on them a lot of entertainment from the series Pokémon, only occasionally getting distracted by something else. Little town hero Is one of those rare cases. The game, of course, was first released on Switch and this summer has regularly visited PS4, Xbox One, and finally PC. Of course, we couldn’t go through such an event.

Small, yes udalenky

So on the one hand we have a classic Japanese RPG – colorful, cartoonish, a bit naive, and about kids. The main characters are boys and girls, as well as their parents. Of course, “funny stories” are not just about Little town hero.

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And what can be funny about the fact that huge monsters appearing out of nowhere attack your hometown? It is all the more strange that the village is under the protection of a castle, which is why the inhabitants cannot even leave their colony and see the world. It was this desire – to go out and see, go on an adventure – that drove the tomboy, whose name you give, and his friends.

Our hero has a mom, but it’s not so easy with dad …

They managed to sneak past the guards, but then they encountered an old warrior who sent the guys home. However, he agreed to teach them the martial art so that the boys would become soldiers and enter the service of the castle – only then could they go beyond the confines of the colony and discover the world. But in return, the soldier asked for help in dealing with the monsters, which are only his concern – only after dealing with them can the warrior return to the castle.

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The soldier himself, however, does not particularly believe in monsters. And in vain – the monster soon appears. And very big.

Little Town Hero game review
It is our hero who managed to cope with the monster – it seems, thanks to the power of a strange stone found in a local mine. Naturally, now, with the support of friends, will have to figure out all this mess and find out where the monsters come from in the closed territory.

Even a harmless local lamb can turn into a terrible creature here.

Children’s games

However, in Little town hero there was a place for irony and funny situations. Our heroes blackmail the soldiers drinking in the taverns, mock the hungry guards, luring them out of their posts with the smell of all kinds of delicious food, catching sheep and communicating with the scarecrows in the garden.Little Town Hero game review

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Here’s another example of local humor.

And all along, our hero faces off against one of his friends named Matok, who will never accept the fact that we are the ones who are able to fight monsters. The heroes even argue over who and which girl will give a present, so as a result, climb up the tower and look around the village for the monster’s lair.

Lack of reach

Another thing is that in general the story and the characters are not impressive. Yes, sometimes cute, sometimes funny and interesting, but nothing exceptional. In addition, the game seems a bit stripped down, incomplete – the action takes place in several small places, where, moreover, we are very often limited by freedom. For example, if you need to do something based on the plot, they won’t let anyone go anywhere until we do.

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The mother wants to know again who is the strongest in the world.

There are side quests, but mostly primitive, like finding escaped sheep. No travel to the world map with random or planned skirmishes no crafting, classic role-playing system and the usual turn-based battles with Active Time Battle mechanics.

Little Town Hero game review

But there are simple dialogue tasks.

New “ideas” card

It’s time to say that this JRPG doesn’t rely on RPG elements, but duels based on the mechanics of card and board games.

Everything seems to be in the mind Foyer. There are attack (red), defense (yellow) and support (blue) cards. Energy is expended for the use of cards and its amount increases from turn to turn. And if your card has 2 damage and 3 armor, and the enemy has the opposite, then both will destroy each other. If your 4 defense points or your opponent has 2, then your card will win and stay in your hand.

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In addition, there are nuances and differences. For starters, all cards are initially considered “ideas” – they cannot be used, but they are almost always invulnerable. Then, we transform them from ideas (Izzits) into actions (Dazzits), spending this or that amount of energy. And after that, as a rule, they remain in the hand already activated, that is, they can be used for free.

Little Town Hero game review

You have to train in combat conditions.

At the same time, you cannot directly attack the enemy hero – you must first break all of their cards in the current round. Each attack is allowed to be used once, so the stake is mainly on defense and support actions, able not only to improve the attack or protection of other cards, but also to generate new ones. , inflict damage on the enemy or remove useful effects.

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And it is only when all the opponent’s cards are broken that a phase can come in which we are allowed to directly touch the enemy’s health. Well, or on his shield. But this can only be done with attack cards – it’s important to save at least one at this point.

No blow to the face, no blood is shown here.

If you do not have a red card at this point, you will receive BP points (Break Points), for which you can exchange cards in your hand at any time for the necessary cards from the deck. This is a very important point, because the hand gets impoverished sooner or later. Another way is to allow damage to your health, after which any “ideas” in the reset are revived and returned, and you also get a shield.

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Friends won’t leave. And they will throw a cube

Another most important point is the possibility in most duels to move around the map, as in board games (the number of moves is determined by rolling a dice) to hit one of the allies, a kind of cannon or chicken fight.

All of them provide one or the other support – for example, they reduce the cost of one of the cards to zero, restore the shield and revive all “ideas”, deal damage to all “glare” of the enemy or directly to his health, bypassing all phases.

Another question is that Matok, for example, will do it without any conditions.

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But this pistol, like many other allies, can only be activated by a specific card.

Therefore, it is very important to plan where and to whom to travel, who to help and when to use, focusing on the situation and the availability of maps. All of this, plus the fact that any card only blows an enemy health asterisk, and even the shield has to be destroyed first, makes the clashes quite long. But if you do not reduce the level of difficulty, such duels turn out to be very intense and interesting, and a victory in them gives a feeling of pride.

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And it also gives eureka points, for which in the skill tree you can pump your cards and increase the thickness of the shield.

Little Town Hero game review

There are many upgrade options.


Little town hero looks like a kind of training ground, a demo to practice fun experiments with card and table mechanics. And we must pay homage Usual game – the authors of “Pokemon” have proven that they can come up with something new even on the basis of seemingly familiar gameplay. But if we consider Little town hero as a full-fledged game, it only attracts the title of prohodnik.

Benefits: there is humor and funny characters; the mechanics of card battles were played in a very interesting and unusual way, to which elements of board games were also added; author’s soundtrack Subtitle Toby Fox.

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Less: the game can hardly be called complete – few places, scale and freedom; not a very interesting plot; the image is bright, but clearly outdated.


Source : The Verge