Even if the temperatures are currently still within a pleasant range, winter will arrive in Germany sooner or later. That’s why Aldi Süd will soon be offering three Tesa products with which you can reduce your energy costs somewhat.

Aldi Süd sells practical products for the winter

If you are struggling with windows or doors that draw or want to improve the performance of your radiators, then you can buy them at Aldi Süd from October 7, 2023. From Saturday, Aldi Süd will be selling some Tesa accessories to reduce your energy costs. The following products are on offer:

Radiator film (1 x 0.7 m) for 10.49 euros Foam seal (5 mm x 6 m) for 2.59 euros Window insulation film (1.7 x 1.5 m) for 6.49 euros

While I can personally recommend the foam seal for windows and doors as well as the radiator film (test), I have The window insulation film has never been tested yet. This creates an additional layer of air on the window and could theoretically improve the insulation of the window. I can’t say whether this really works. I have used the seals and foil for radiators myself with success.

The Tesa products at Aldi Süd are pretty cheap. The window insulation film in a double pack costs almost 18 euros on Amazon (view on Amazon). The radiator foil costs over 12 euros (check it out on Amazon). The seal for windows and doors costs just over 6 euros (check it out on Amazon).

The products are worth it

Leaky windows and doors in particular are responsible for the expensively produced heat flying out the window and not heating your room. So you should check the tightness and start work now, while it’s still warm. You will then quickly get out the euros you invested.

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