You can currently get a 34-inch monitor from Viewsonic at Amazon at an extremely affordable price. But what makes this monitor so special and why should you take a closer look at it? You can find out here.

Amazon: Huge Viewsonic monitor for €269

The monitor VA3456-MHDJ from Viewsonic Amazon is currently offering the lowest price of 269 ​​euros (view offer on Amazon). Alternatively, you can also purchase them from Notebooksbilliger (see Notebooksbilliger). The model has never been available cheaper before. If you are looking for a solid monitor with plenty of screen space for occasional gaming and/or office work, you can choose this with a clear conscience.

What does the Viewsonic VA3456-MHDJ offer you?

The first thing that strikes you, of course, is this 34-inch ultra-wide format. This is a real revelation for anyone who has only ever played on conventional monitors. You get an impressive field of vision, which provides a completely new gaming experience, especially in racing games, RPGs or adventure games. The UWQHD resolution (3440 x 1440 pixels) ensures razor-sharp images and a high pixel density. The ultra-wide display offers plenty of space for multitasking, which is particularly beneficial for productivity applications. You can easily display multiple windows side by side without having to rely on a second screen.

The Viewsonic VA3456-MHDJ offers many advantages for home office workers. The special thing about this monitor: you get one IPS panel. The panel offers vibrant colors and deep black levels that will delight both gamers and creative minds. HDR10 support ensures high brightness and an expanded color gamut that brings your content to life.

The monitor is suitable with a 75Hz refresh rate and one Response time of 4 ms also definitely for playing. FreeSync technology helps prevent tearing and stuttering for a smooth experience in your favorite games.

The stand is height adjustable and pivotable and allows you to customize the monitor according to your preferences. With a variety of connection options including HDMI and DisplayPortyou can easily connect various devices to create a versatile work or entertainment station.

Amazon customers are convinced and give it a very good 4.5 out of 5 stars with almost 1,000 reviews. The 34-inch monitor obviously offers the typical Viewsonic quality and, thanks to its increased refresh rate and fast response time, is not only suitable for office work, but also for gaming. Overall, the monitor offers a good overall package. If you want to upgrade your workplace or gaming station with a good all-rounder, you should buy it now.

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