According to recent reports, Konami is preparing to announce a new “Castlevania” project. If we interpret the clues correctly, then we could be dealing with an offshoot that returns to the 2D roots of the series.

As early as fall 2021, we received a rumor that Konami, in addition to “Silent Hill” and “Metal Gear Solid,” also had the popular “Castlevania” franchise want to revive.

After the Japanese company in March of this year a trademark protection entry caused new speculation, the official unveiling of a new “Castlevania” project could be imminent. At least this is what a tweet from the well-known leaker “Billbil_kun” suggests, who is considered a reliable source thanks to his correct PlayStation Plus and Games with Gold leaks.

In the tweet in question, “Billbil_kun” refers to the name Bellmont. With the Bellmonts we are dealing with a family of vampire hunters who play the main role in many “Castlevania” titles and who have made it their mission to fight the vampire lord Dracula wherever he appears.

A return to the series’ 2D roots?

If we interpret the hints spread by the well-known leaker correctly, then Konami could return to the 2D roots of the franchise with the new “Castlevania” adventure. In addition to the name Bellmont, “Billbil_kun” refers to the term Ladybird in his tweet. Here we could have a reference to the developers from Team Ladybug, who may be working on the new title.

Team Ladybug is an indie studio that specializes in 2D Metroidvania experiences and in recent years has delivered two genre representatives with “Record of Lodoss War: Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth” and “Touhou Luna Nights”. were very positively received by the community.

The third clue hidden in the leaker’s tweet is the Xbox hashtag, which could be used to hint at a possible reveal of the new “Castlevanias” during the Xbox stream for Tokyo Game Show 2023. The stream in question will take place on Thursday, September 21, 2023 at 11 a.m. our time. So we may soon be smarter.

Konami itself has not yet wanted to comment on the current rumors about a possible new “Castlevania”.

Bellmont ?️
Ladybird ?#Xbox

— billbil-kun (@billbil_kun) September 18, 2023

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