If you want to take a temporary break from the photo and video community, you don’t have to go to the drastic solution and delete your entire Instagram profile. If you want to return later, you can simply deactivate your Instagram account temporarily. We’ll explain to you here how this works.

As has been possible for a long time with the social network Facebook (to which Instagram has belonged since 2012), you don’t have to delete your account if you want to have some distance from your constantly connected life. Instead, you can deactivate the account for an indefinite period of time – essentially “pause” Instagram.

The advantage here is that you keep your pictures, comments, likes, follows and everything else if you want to reactivate the account in the future.

Temporarily deactivate Instagram

What you should know beforehand

You can use your Instagram account deactivate and reactivate at any time – so you don’t have to set a fixed time period or you can only return after a certain time.

The only thing you should pay attention to is that you have your Deactivate your account no more than once a week can! So if you log in again the same week you deactivated your account, you won’t be able to deactivate your profile again until the next week.

This is how you pause your account

To temporarily deactivate your Instagram profile, follow these steps:

Open Instagram and log in, if not done automatically.Tap on your Profile picture and then on that Hamburger menu (≡).Choose this Settings (and privacy) gear icon out of. You’ll find them at the top “Account overview”tap it.Under “Account Settings” choose the one Menu item “Personal information” out of. Tap “Account Ownership and Settings” and then up “Deactivate or delete”.Now dial again the respective profile which you want to deactivate temporarily. Make sure that here “Deactivate account” and not “Delete account” is selected and tap on the bottom “Continue” button. Finally enter your password and then click on it again “Continue” button.

Your Instagram profile is now deactivated. Your account as well as the pictures and comments are hidden from others for the time being.

Reactivation: Reactivate Instagram account

If you have deactivated (not deleted!) your Instagram account, you can easily reactivate it. To do this you have to Just log in to Instagram again with your old account details. Your profile will then be in the same state as when you last found it and set it up.

If it has been deactivated less than 24 hours ago, reactivation may not work immediately. In this case, you have to be patient and try again later.

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