More and more banks are replacing the well-known “EC” card with a “debit card”. On paper, the card is supposed to offer more advantages, but there are always reports that you can’t pay with a debit card at all.

The debit card is already being issued by many large banks instead of the old Girocard. What is promised is a cash card with all the advantages of a credit card. Only the debit should be made immediately and not at the end of the month. Theoretically, you can easily pay cashless with it. However, there is a major disadvantage for users with the card. There are thousands of places in Germany where the payment method is not accepted.

Payment by Visa and Mastercard debit card is often not possible

The places where you cannot pay with a debit card are common places such as supermarket checkouts, gas stations or even hotel check-ins. Customers from unknown banks are not affected, but rather from well-known institutions such as ING, DKB or Comdirect. Why doesn’t the debit card work everywhere?

Disadvantages of debit card compared to credit card:

The debit cards are issued by the banks, but behind them are the companies Visa and Mastercard, which have previously been known primarily as credit card providers. Unlike credit cards, debit cards transfer amounts immediately after payment and not collected until the end of the month.

The new cards have a disadvantage for retailers: This is what they are like Bookings via debit card are far more expensive than by debit card. Due to the high fees So it happens that the payment cards are simply not activated at certain checkout terminals. According to the German Trade Association (HDE), the costs for payments with the new cash cards should be up to four times higher than with Girocards. Depending on the provider, the merchant incurs 0.2 percent of the transaction in transaction fees when paying by Girocard, but up to 1 percent for debit cards from Visa or Mastercard (source: A purchase worth 100 euros costs the provider 1 euro instead of 20 cents.

Debit card: Lots of problems. Disadvantages and those affected

Services such as cash withdrawals at supermarket checkouts are often only possible with a Girocard and not with a debit card. According to a report by the VZBV (Federal Association of Consumer Centers and Consumer Associations), almost 2,000 complaints were received from users. Not only payment problems were expressed, but also other difficulties. So it shouldn’t be possible with the card in some cases Opening automatic doors of banksto get to the ATMs there. The ChipTAN procedure and proof of age via the cash card should also not work.

If you cannot pay with your debit card at certain providers and points of sale, gthere is no short-term solution. In this case you have to so cash with you carry. For example, before you order a meal in a restaurant, you should make sure that you can also pay with a debit card. Some banks still offer the Girocard, which is accepted (almost) everywhere only for an additional fee.

Also as Credit card replacement The debit card is often not suitable. Although you can often use the card data as an alternative, many places such as car rental companies abroad only accept real credit cards. If you want to save yourself trouble on vacation, you shouldn’t do without a real credit card. Credit cards are also available in prepaid format.

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