Elden Ring: Fell Twin – Boss, how to defeat? Tips

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Elden Ring: Fell Twin – Boss, how to defeat?  Tips

On this page of the Elden Ring guide you will learn how to defeat the boss in Leyndell, the royal capital, the Fallen Twin.

This page of the Elden Ring game guide contains tips on how to defeat the boss in Leyndell, Royal Capital, namely Fell Twin.

They find the fallen twin between the Forbidden Lands and Leyndell, the royal capital. To be more precise, the boss lives in Capital Outskirts.

Instead of taking the elevator to the Forbidden Lands, turn right and walk to the walls. You will see an enemy there. If you approach it, you will be transported into the void.

  • Reward for defeat
  • General information
  • Mage build – how to fight?
  • Melee setup – how do you fight?

Reward for defeat

Elden Ring: Fell Twin – Boss, how to defeat? Tips - 1

For defeating Fallen Twins you will receive Runes (29,000) and Omenkiller Rollo Ash.

General information

  • The arena, which resembles a void, is quite large. Instead of going straight to the bosses, you can move to the side and away from them so you can use buffs without being interrupted.
  • If you move further away from the bosses, there’s a good chance you’ll only fight one of them at a time (the axe-wielding twin).
  • You can use Spirit Ash in this fight. Most of them will be able to fight the boss. Use the most modern ones.
  • One of the twins specializes in close combat, the other in ranged combat.
  • Use fast weapons in close combat to quickly deplete the opponent’s HP. Heavy weapons will also be effective – they can unbalance the boss relatively quickly and thus trigger a critical hit. It’s worth having a weapon with longer range as the enemy will quickly change the distance between you.
  • The enemy is susceptible to bleeding, frostbite, scarlet fever and poison. Use weapons and attacks that force such statuses.
  • Mage build – how to fight?

    After entering the arena, move away from the bosses and go the other way. In the meantime, prepare some buffs or summons. It’s important to move far enough away to separate the two bosses and only fight one of them (preferably the twin with the axe first).

    Elden Ring: Fell Twin – Boss, how to defeat? Tips - 3

    Then, when the boss gets closer, cast a few quick spells on him, such as Glimstone spells. You can also use slower spells, but it is worth using them only when the opponent is attacking. For example, if you use Comet Azure, there is a good chance that the opponent will dodge this attack.

    Elden Ring: Fell Twin – Boss, how to defeat? Tips - 5

    Gemini’s attacks with an ax are easy to predict. Only his charges can be problematic. He spreads his arms and runs towards you to grab your figure. Run backwards or dodge if he tries to grab you.

    Elden Ring: Fell Twin – Boss, how to defeat? Tips - 7

    After defeating the first of the twins, approach the second. He will fight with a sword and ranged attacks. Once you start using a slower spell, the boss will be able to use magic attacks. So perform this action while the boss is attacking and you can be sure that he won’t hit you.

    Elden Ring: Fell Twin – Boss, how to defeat? Tips - 9

    As you approach the boss, he switches to melee and fights like his twin. His attacks deal slightly less damage but have a slightly longer range. It’s best to use faster spells and dodge to fight him.

    Melee setup – how do you fight?

    Before you start the fight, run back as far as you can. This allows you to concentrate on fighting one opponent at a time. When the second one comes towards you, repeat the same thing. However, keep in mind that the arena is limited.

    Elden Ring: Fell Twin – Boss, how to defeat? Tips - 11

    You’ll most likely first have to deal with an ax-wielding Fell Twin. Because of this, the enemy has a relatively short range but still moves quickly. One of his attacks is grab – to avoid this, dodge when the boss tries to grab you.

    Elden Ring: Fell Twin – Boss, how to defeat? Tips - 13

    It’s a good idea to avoid the enemy as often as possible. This way you increase your chances of going behind his back. This will allow you to safely attack a few times.

    Elden Ring: Fell Twin – Boss, how to defeat? Tips - 15

    Watch out for the attack, which begins with the enemy throwing a punch with their free hand. The first attack will knock you down and then the enemy will trample you. This attack deals quite a bit of damage, especially when combined with subsequent attacks that you may not be able to escape in time.

    Elden Ring: Fell Twin – Boss, how to defeat? Tips - 17

    The Fell Twin also often does a somersault and then falls to the ground. Luckily, it’s not an area attack, so you don’t have to worry about range. This attack is worth avoiding because after the boss uses it, he will stay on the ground for a while until he gets up.

    Elden Ring: Fell Twin – Boss, how to defeat? Tips - 19

    Before you approach the second Fell Twin, he will attack you from a distance. The fire he will shoot will hurt for a while until it goes out. To avoid this, all you need to do is roll to the side in good time. However, this can be problematic when healing. Therefore, replenish your HP after avoiding the series of attacks. Or you can sprint as far as possible.

    Elden Ring: Fell Twin – Boss, how to defeat? Tips - 21

    The second Fell Twin has a sword, so his attacks have a longer range and differ slightly from the former’s. However, the tactics remain the same – with the caveat that you have to beware of your opponent’s holy magic.

    Elden Ring: Fell Twin – Boss, how to defeat? Tips - 23

    You should watch out as the Fell Twin burns with holy fire and throws projectiles. To avoid them, move sideways. At this stage, it is even more important to get behind the opponent’s back, as they will throw many projectiles straight ahead.

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