Enough of Apple and Samsung? Europeans are rediscovering their old cell phone love


Enough of Apple and Samsung?  Europeans are rediscovering their old cell phone love

Enough of Apple and Samsung? Europeans are rediscovering their old cell phone love - 1

The European smartphone market continues to cool down. The bottom line will also be negative in the third quarter of 2023. Apple and Samsung were hit particularly hard. While the two top dogs stumble, a traditional brand is celebrating new successes. The growth is significant and dwarfs all others in the top 5.

Are Europeans losing interest in new smartphones? If you look at the local smartphone market (excluding Russia), you could come to this conclusion. Things also went down in the third quarter of 2023 – for the tenth time in a row. This time the big players in the industry suffered: Apple and Samsung.

European smartphone market: Apple and Samsung lose, Motorola wins

For the iPhone manufacturer this amounts to Minus on 13 percentwhile Samsung with one decline from 6 percent is struggling (source: Canalys). With market shares of 35 percent (Samsung) and 22 percent (Apple), the two manufacturers continue to dominate the European smartphone market.

Behind Samsung and Apple is Xiaomi with a market share of 19 percent. But the view is more interesting in 4th place: There is Motorola to find. The traditional brand, which now belongs to the Chinese Lenovo group, is only emerging 5 percent market share. But the growth is all the more impressive: compared to the same quarter of the previous year Motorola is up 30 percent. No one else in the top 5 can even begin to demonstrate such growth.

Demand for smartphone flagships is falling

Demand for flagship smartphones also appears to be waning, as a deeper look at Samsung and Apple reveals. The Galaxy S series’ share of Samsung’s total smartphone sales fell by 3 percent within a year. From 20 percent in the third quarter of 2022 to 17 percent in the third quarter of 2023.

For that Sales of the A series grew significantly by 8 percent. A similar picture can be seen at Apple. The share of the standard iPhone model has almost doubled from 15 percent (iPhone 14) to 28 percent (iPhone 15).

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