Expert warns of dangerous Apple product


Expert warns of dangerous Apple product

Millions of people around the world use Apple products in their everyday lives. In addition to the iPhone, the iPad and the MacBook, among others, have established themselves as popular devices. But there is also a product that can actually be dangerous.

We’re talking about Apple AirTags. An expert now warned of the risks. According to Eva Galperin, director of cybersecurity at SamaGametronic Frontier Foundation, marginalized groups in particular are not getting enough cybersecurity. “Journalists, activists, people from LGBTQ groups, those who have survived domestic violence” are therefore particularly at risk.

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Apple AirTags as a stalking tool

The AirTags have been heavily criticized in the past. “These trackers are highly dangerous, and they’re particularly dangerous for people living outside of the Apple ecosystem,” reports Galperin. For example, they can be attached to cars. Stalkers can track the exact route taken by the victim and follow them.

“If you dare to live outside of the ecosystem, Apple treats you less well. While there is an Android app that can be used to search for trackers, it doesn’t offer the same level of protection. The Apple AirTags would be particularly useful as stalking tools. Some apps are also criticized. They are secretly installed on target person’s devices to spy on them and intercept all photos and data.

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