iPhone 15: Apple surprisingly pulls the plug on the popular model


iPhone 15: Apple surprisingly pulls the plug on the popular model

iPhone 15: Apple surprisingly pulls the plug on the popular model - 1

Nobody would have expected this decision, after all, the option has been around since the iPhone XS in 2018. But after five years, it’s over and, according to a report, Apple will no longer offer a gold-colored stainless steel version of the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro in 2023. But this is not the only color change.

Apple’s choice of titanium over stainless steel for the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max has consequences. As the colleagues at SamaGame found out, it will no gold-colored model in the future give more. Buyers of the new iPhone generation also have to say goodbye to the current “dark lilac”.

iPhone 15 Pro (Max): No more gold Apple phone

If you choose the Pro model in autumn, you have the choice between one instead new dark blue colour, silver, space black and also a previously unused natural titanium colored option. The latter should more or less correspond to the coloration of the current Apple Watch Ultra or is described as a greyish variant. Previous reports regarding a dark red color option are thus deemed incorrect.

Notable is the move away from gold as a color option. This variant was extremely important, especially for China, since gold is considered very popular there. In the future, these buyers will no longer have a choice with the iPhone 15 Pro (Max) and will have to use alternative colors instead.

Colorful standard variants

And in which colors are the two standard models expected? According to SamaGame it should iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus in black, green, blue, yellow and pink give. A gold-colored version does not traditionally exist, because the “precious metals” were always reserved for the Pro models.

Whether all of this information is correct in the end, we will September can experience. Apple plans to hold an event on September 12, 2023 and present the four new models of the iPhone 15. Updated variants of the Apple Wach and Apple Wach Ultra are also expected.

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