The dark reinterpretation of “Pinocchio” is here – packaged in a soulslike role-playing game that, as usual in the genre, presents a real challenge.

The international test ratings already promised a fun Soulslike adventure. And now you can finally play it! Today, Tuesday, “Lies of P” was released for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC. No matter which store, whether digital or physical: you pay a price of 59.99 euros.

If you would like some additional content, you can get the Deluxe Edition for a tenner more. Apart from the main game, it also includes the great Venigni’s coat and glasses as well as a cosmetic mask. By the way, anyone who pre-ordered this edition has been playing since Saturday.

If you weren’t completely satisfied with the demo version, you should probably take a look: The developers have been busy in the meantime and have made the desired improvements. This mainly includes the sluggish dodging, which now feels much smoother. The criticized weapon durability has also been adjusted. – just like a lot of little things.

Prepare to Lie or Die

To celebrate today’s release, Neowiz Games has released an obligatory launch trailer. Here you get another impression of the dark atmosphere and the challenging fights of the action RPG.

“Assume the role of Gepetto’s treasured doll to uncover the secrets of Krat and save the city in this new version of the classic fairy tale!” reads the description.

Mechanical dolls and extraordinary bosses are waiting to make your life difficult. Look through their movement patterns and think of a suitable tactic to defeat them. There are also countless weapon combinations at your disposal. Outside of the tough fights, you will experience how Pinocchio slowly transforms into a human. You will meet a variety of characters and also learn something about feelings.

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