Master thief in Skyrim: Player packs up entire city


Master thief in Skyrim: Player packs up entire city

Master thief in Skyrim: Player packs up entire city - 1

Creative minds are never bored in Skyrim. Even today, 12 years after its release, players can still tease out fresh stories from the role-playing game. One of them has made it his mission to determine the wealth of the Skyrim residents. To do this, he simply steals from them all and then shares his discoveries on YouTube.

Best thief in Skyrim: Player takes everything

Reddit user “Snail_On_YT” wants to research how rich the NPCs are in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. In order to be able to determine this without any doubt, he must of course first tell the residents take away all of their valuables. He uses several statistics to show how his first thieving move through Whiterun ended.

The value of all items in Whiterun is therefore: 78,292 sevenths. With 28,919 septims, items of clothing (armor, normal clothing and jewelry) represent the largest proportion. Most residents also fight with daggers, with the iron dagger being the most most popular weapon represents. The sword only makes it to second place.

Skyrim: This is true equality

The stolen items say a lot about the Income conditions in Whiterun out of. There are 182 cheap clothes and only 86 fine clothes in the city. This difference is also reflected in the value of the shoes. After the citizens have been robbed of all but the last gold coin, they of course own it all the same amount.

You can also watch the results in a video on Snail_On_YT’s YouTube channel. (Source: YouTube) According to his own information, he has for his calculations takes about 20 hours. Additionally, he used a character at maximum level but who has never set foot in Whiterun. He has now also set his sights on the city of Windhelm. The master thief also recorded how Windhelm performed in a video on YouTube. (Source: YouTube)

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