Metro Exodus: Will the game have Denuvo DRM? Tips


Metro Exodus: Will the game have Denuvo DRM?  Tips

A few days before the release of Metro Exodus, fans of the game learned that the latest production from 4A Games will have Denuvo DRM (Digital Rights Management). This is the first DRM protected part of the Metro series.

  • What is Denuvo DRM?
  • Will DRM protection affect the game?

What is Denuvo DRM?

Denuvo is an anti-piracy technology designed to protect the game/program from illegal copying. This protection is intended to increase legal sales of games and reduce the number of illegal versions on the Internet.

Will DRM protection affect the game?

In general, DRM protection should not affect the game. However, information about its impact on gaming performance is becoming more and more common. The results of the data show that DRM protection preserves several FPS and the game loads a little longer. However, there are no major differences and they do not affect gameplay.

We would like to remind you that DRM protection can be removed by developers even after the game is released.

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