With the Revolution 5 Pro, Nacon has introduced a new officially licensed controller for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC. We have summarized the details for you.

Peripheral device manufacturer Nacon has announced that it will release a new, officially licensed controller for the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 in October 2023. Accordingly, anyone interested will be able to get their hands on the Revolution 5 Pro.

Already on the PlayStation 4, the Nacon Pro series has achieved 1.6 million sales since 2016, while the entire PlayStation 4 controller product line has sold over 6 million units.

Result of years of research

Commenting on the announcement, Yannick, Allaert, Head of Accessories at Nacon, said: “This new model in the Revolution range is the result of years of development and NACON’s passion for gaming. We wanted to create the best possible controller that gives gamers an edge. The Revolution 5 Pro combines our technical know-how with technological innovation and ergonomics.”

According to the manufacturer, the Revolution 5 Pro offers the result of years of research into design, ergonomics, comfort, precision and technological innovation. But what functions does the Revolution 5 Pro have?

The Hall effect technology for greater precision of the joysticks and triggers, a very long service life and development with ecological considerations are some of the advantages of the controller. The controller can also be repaired because the essential components can be replaced.

The Revolution 5 Pro is compatible with the PlayStation 5, the PlayStation 4 and the PC, can be used wired or wirelessly and can be completely adapted to your own needs. Furthermore, a battery life of over 10 hours is promised. Compatibility with wireless headsets via Bluetooth and an included 3.5 mm jack should also enable smooth communication.

A first trailer and some pictures introduce the Revolution 5 Pro in more detail:

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