Purchase warning for Nintendo fans: New Switch game will be a huge failure


Purchase warning for Nintendo fans: New Switch game will be a huge failure

Purchase warning for Nintendo fans: New Switch game will be a huge failure - 1

It took 8 long years until the Arkham trilogy finally appeared on the Nintendo Switch – it’s all the more painful to realize that Arkham Knight in particular can’t be used on the console at all.

For many gamers, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Arkham City and Arkham Knight are among the best superhero games ever. After a long wait it is Arkham trilogy finally arrived on the Nintendo Switchbut the hybrid console really struggles, especially with the third game.

Nintendo Switch: Arkham Trilogy does not run smoothly

In a YouTube video, the DigitalFoundry channel shows that Arkham Knight on the Nintendo Switch has partly unacceptable performance accordingly offers and formulates strong criticism of the port. Instead of gliding majestically through Gotham City as Batman, in the third part of the trilogy you stutter through the city with frame rates between 20 and 25 FPS – and frequent stutters make the performance seem even worse, especially when exploring the open world.

The performance problems occur consistently in the test, even though the game is visually displayed compared to the Xbox One version Significantly lost resolution, texture quality, light and details has.

(Source: YouTube, Digital Foundry)

According to the Digital Foundry video, Arkham Asylum and Arkham City also run at a frame rate that often falls below 30 FPS, but the stuttering is noticeable in the much older games at least not quite as disastrous as Arkham Knight out of.

Arkham Knight: Switch port reminds of PC problems

Fans of the Arkham series should be familiar with the news about a bad port of Arkham Knight – yes In 2015, the PC version struggled with numerous problems. Little by little, these were mostly remedied in the following years. It remains to be seen whether the Switch version can also be saved.

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