Given high energy prices, it’s worth taking a closer look at your heating system. This is where you can save a lot of money with intelligent thermostats. Aldi now has a smart starter set at an absolute savings price.

Smart radiator thermostats on offer at Aldi

If you don’t want to worry about the next utility bill, you can use this Maginon radiator thermostat starter set just save money. Aldi currently offers a smart starter set with two radiator thermostats and a control center 99.99 euros (view offer at Aldi). Comparable systems usually cost well over 100 euros, so you get first-class savings here.

The starter kit includes two thermostats and a control center for the internet connection. Extension sets with additional thermostats are also available:

What do the smart radiator thermostats from Maginon offer you?

The thermostats are connected via included adapters Suitable for almost all common radiator types. Installation is usually easy thanks to detailed step-by-step instructions and most common heating systems are supported. After successful installation you can use your heating system conveniently via app control from anywhere. This is how you can use the heating manage on the gowhen no one is home, or raise the temperature before you return.

What’s practical is that the thermostat also notices when a window is open and then turns down the heating. You can also intelligent schedules create yours for every room and every time Set the desired temperature. Another highlight of the radiator thermostat is that it is useful Away modewhich keeps the temperature constant at 16 degrees Celsius, for example when you are on vacation.

Who benefits from installing smart radiator thermostats?

The smart radiator thermostats from the Aldi online shop offer you comfort and the chance to save on heating costs. They impress with numerous practical functions and a particularly attractive price. You can get the starter set for just around 100 euros and can also easily and inexpensively expand the system. If you have your heating smart If you want to create something, now is a great opportunity.

Save heating costs: Aldi sells smart radiator thermostats at a bargain price

Save heating costs: Aldi sells smart radiator thermostats at the lowest price

Aldi sells smart radiator thermostats at bargain prices

Aldi sells smart radiator thermostats at top prices

Aldi sells smart radiator thermostats at incredibly low prices

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