Snow on the balcony power plant and the solar system: Expert reveals what to do


Snow on the balcony power plant and the solar system: Expert reveals what to do

Snow on the balcony power plant and the solar system: Expert reveals what to do - 1

When snow falls, many owners of solar systems and balcony power plants ask themselves whether it is worth clearing the white splendor from the solar modules. Solar expert Holger Laudeley reveals in a video what his experiences are like after 30 years in the business. In the worst case, you could destroy an important property of the solar modules when clearing the snow. In some situations, however, there is no other way.

Should you clear snow from solar panels?

Germany is currently covered by a thick blanket of snow. This poses a question for owners of balcony power plants and solar systems. Should you remove snow from solar panels? Holger Laudeley made a video explaining the different situations. He’s been in the business for 30 years.

Basically, everyone with a solar system or balcony power plant is currently in the Valley of Tears. From December to February the sun is extremely low and there is hardly any yield. So it doesn’t really matter whether there is snow on the solar modules or not. If the slope is over 15 percent, the snow will slide down over time and even clean the solar cells in the process. So it definitely has a positive effect that snow lies on the solar modules for a short time.

But there are exceptions, especially in southern Germany, where the roof load plays a role. If there is too much snow on the solar modules, it can have a negative impact on the roof. Roofs and solar systems are regularly cleared of snow there. In northern Germany, where there is hardly any snow and it disappears quickly, you shouldn’t make the effort. Especially since it can be dangerous on the roof.

High-quality solar modules also have a nano coating. If you scratch around on your solar panels, you could damage them and destroy the lotus effect of the surface. Accordingly, over time, dirt accumulates on the surface and the yield decreases.

Summarized: Normally you should not remove snow from the solar modules in winter. The sun usually barely shines anyway and it’s not worth putting yourself in danger or damaging the solar modules. If the roof load could become too high, then the snow must be cleared away.

Check out the video about it:

Why I remove the snow from my balcony power plant

In the cover photo above you can see my balcony power plants in the garden. I remove the snow every day with a soft broomto generate at least a few watts of energy. Since my mini solar system is close to the ground, this is safe and I can easily push the snow off the terrace. However, if your balcony power plant is inconveniently located, then you should simply wait until the snow disappears on its own. I wouldn’t climb onto the roof of a solar system. You would have to have a special device to get rid of the snow.

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