Streamer Seltix claims to have gotten a role in the second season of Squid Game, but his colleague Rewinside doubts this very much and makes it clear.

Late April 1st? Rewi sees through the scam

The streamer Seltix recently came forward to say that he had landed a supporting role in the second season of Squid Game. Of course, this not only gave rise to encouragement, but also critical voices. One of them was the big German YouTuber Rewinside. This doubts the statement his colleague and goes straight in search of clues.

What immediately catches Rewi’s eye is this Reflection in Seltix’s sunglasses, which, according to the streamer, shows a building in Cologne and not in Seoul, where it was filmed. To Rewinside, the restaurant where the alleged actor dines also looks more like a building in Düsseldorf than a South Korean establishment.

Through a QR code At the beginning of the video it became clear that it was a late April Fool’s joke. Rewinside scanned this code before watching the video and received the message “I kidded you. April 1st” receive.

Creative or just pathetic?

Despite the quick resolution of this supposed circumstance, Rewinside praises it creativity his streamer colleague. The video is very complex has been made and that must be acknowledged, emphasizes Rewi. He also says that he believes Stelix intentionally designed his video in such a way that inconsistencies could be found.

It remains to be seen whether Rewi wants to portray himself as Sherlock or whether it is really so obvious that the video was deliberately faked. In any case, it looks like the streamer Seltix not matter in the second season of Squid Game. It would of course be a big and clever surprise if he did show up in the end.

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