Since the release of Starfield, players have found a number of ways to keep busy in the game. Fans continue to discover new things, even after many hours of play. What might come as a surprise is how overwhelmed the planet’s native wildlife is.

The Explore in Starfield makes up a large part of employment. A streamer in space took an hour-long journey to Pluto, only to find disappointment. But fans can also boast funny finds on the planet itself. These rolling Ashtas, for example.

Starfield mountains are way too big for the animals

Except for the main planets with large cities, all other planets, gas giants or moons are procedurally generated individually for each player. This magnificent sandbox creates different terrain – just like mountains.

And as the Starfield community has discovered, these are usually designed to be quite steep. Too steep, as the local wildlife would probably complain. Because this one shines pretty overwhelmed with Bethesda’s terraforming skills to be. But see for yourself:

This is where the Bethesda charm comes into play

Old Bethesda role-playing game hands will know such funny physics engine scenarios all too well from Skyrim and Co. Exactly such occurrences happen in the extensive worlds Never boring after several hours of play – there is always something new to discover and experience.

Under the Reddit post, fans celebrate the rolling alien animals. Maybe we just don’t understand the Ashta’s way of moving around on this planet and this is just a more convenient way to travel?

Of course everyone here recognizes that too proven Bethesda charm again – this is not a bug, but a funny feature. As long as the immersion doesn’t break, such experiences are a real celebration for fans.

The post creator even mentions it Location of these majestic Kuller animals: He found her on Jaffa 4 in the Jaffa star system. Maybe you’ll be lucky and be able to enjoy the sight of this special form of transportation in person.

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