Steam usury: 7 games that brazenly take money out of your pocket


Steam usury: 7 games that brazenly take money out of your pocket

Steam usury: 7 games that brazenly take money out of your pocket - 1

The PC platform Steam is usually known for strong deals – but some games go in exactly the opposite direction, commanding absurd price tags for disastrous products. You should stay away from these 7 games on Steam.

7 Steam games that cost way too much money

As a gamer, you know that you can spend a lot of money on Steam. However, there are some games that really want to test your wallet – but in most cases you get little to nothing in return unless you are happy about it Games that are so bad they’re still bad. Here we show you 7 games on Steam with absurd price tags.

Do you remember the free mobile adventure Temple Run? The game obviously kept developer HGG so busy that he decided to… Definitely give Run Thief a copy on Steam had to release. Only Run Thief has slightly worse graphics than Temple Run and is not free, but is available for a mere 169.99 euros. The question no longer really arises as to who the thief is here.

Price: 169.99 euros

Arcade Drift has everything that excites racing fans: cute block graphics – check. An almost remarkable selection with 5 maps and 3 different cars – check. A price of 169.99 euros and a Promise from the developer that price changes are not planned are – check. Driver heart, what more could you want?

Price: 169.99 euros

In Earthquake escape you control a child through a tiny, free-floating apartment without walls. You should Bring bellows to safety from an earthquake – to do this you have to lead it to one of the red exclamation marks. The bad news: The game costs 169.99 euros. The good news: In each round you only have 11 seconds before the countdown ends. At least you won’t waste too much of your life.

Price: 169.99 euros

Admittedly, I haven’t been to a chicken coop in a while, but I think this $329 deal smells worse than any enclosure on the local farm.

Price: 329 euros

In Claus Adventure you can move a barely recognizable Santa Claus through interchangeable pixelated levels and shell out almost 400 euros for the inconvenience. That’s how much one has PS5 Digital Edition cost at release. Bad Santa.

Price: 399 euros

Of course, VR has not yet reached the mainstream. The technology She’s currently still looking for her place in the world. The Steam game Ascent Free-Roaming VR Experience does its best to help with this and is clear: VR is for people who have 999 euros lying around at home.

Price: 999 euros

Without wanting to start a discussion about the pros and cons of raunchy anime games at this point: 1,598.09 euros is probably itself for the biggest fans of unrealistically drawn bodies a whole lot of wood (in front of the hut). Of course, the Kagura bundle also offers you over 90 small JRPGs with lots of curves, but honestly: the 86 cents seem a bit greedy.

Price: 1,627.86 euros

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