With the well-known panda, an animal fighter is also represented in the new “Tekken” offshoot. Additionally, Bandai Namco announced what changes have been made for the closed beta phase.

Ling Xiaoyu’s bodyguard is also part of the “Tekken 8” roster. This refers to the panda bear, which you were also able to play in older spin-offs.

This character has not currently received an introduction video, but is already on the official website listed. If a trailer appears, we will update the article immediately.

The description reveals: Panda accompanies Ling on her search for Jin Kazama. He not only wants to protect his owner, but also wants to see many sights and eat a lot. However, after half a year, there is still no sign of Jin. You’ll find out how their journey around the world ends on January 26, 2024, when “Tekken 8” is released for consoles and PC.

First of all, the closed beta test is coming up. Selected participants can try out the fighting game here between October 20th and 23rd. In addition to the fighters from the previous network test, there are additional ones Raven, Azucena and Feng Wei playable. These are the fighters that have been revealed in the meantime.

The Ortiz Farm is also a new stage. It is Azucena’s family’s Peruvian farm.

Shorter heat combos and more

Based on the feedback from the first test, the development team made several changes. Some refer to the Heat System, where the damage of Heat Burts is adjusted and the combo length is shortened. Furthermore, improved heat attacks should empty the display more quickly and power crushes should work better.

Visibility is also affected. The brightness, shape and range of the effects are adjusted. The L3 and R3 keys are also assigned a command. The last thing planned is alternative outfits for the fighters.

If you want to take part in the closed beta, you must register here to register. You have until October 11th to do this. If you are accepted, you will be able to fill out a survey after the test, which you will receive by email. Your feedback may then be incorporated into the final version of the game.

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