The Day Before: Developers seem to want to hide references to the MMO genre


The Day Before: Developers seem to want to hide references to the MMO genre

The long-awaited “The Day Before” entered early access on December 7th. However, after players complained that the title was not an MMO as promised, the developers seem to want to quietly and secretly disappear all references to the genre.

The Day Before: Developers seem to want to hide references to the MMO genre - 1

After several delays, Fntastic’s “The Day Before” is out last week launched into Early Access on Steam. However, the game, touted as a “post-apocalyptic open-world MMO”, has so far failed to impress users on the platform and currently has a rating of “extremely negative” (as of December 10, 2023, 4:50 p.m.).

Among other things, players criticize that “The Day Before” is not an MMO as advertised, but an extraction shooter. However, the developers now seem to want to hide the references to the previously advertised genre.

Developers delete tags and YouTube videos

After some players complained in the reviews on Steam that “The Day Before” doesn’t seem to be an open-world MMO at all, the game’s Steam page was gradually updated. According to users, the title is an extraction shooter with no time limit and lobbies that can accommodate around 20 to 35 players. This doesn’t seem to be consistent with what the game was advertised before launch.

As of December 8th, one day after the Early Access launch, there were some updates in the Steam backend for “The Day Before”. Certain store tags, which can be used to classify the games and find them via search, have been removed. Players can provide their own tags, and if enough users do so, the descriptions will be added to a title’s metadata. This list can then be edited by the developers, which appears to have now happened.

  • Shortly before the early access release with a message to the doubters
  • Over 300 volunteers work at Fntastic
  • Lots of gameplay details and a short trailer for the survival MMO

For example, the tags “Open World Survival Craft,” “Realistic,” and “Free to Play” were deleted, along with the designation “Massively Multiplayer.” The developers have removed some videos from the official YouTube channel for the game. However, the deletion of the MMO title was not carried out entirely consistently. On the Steam page itself, “The Day Before” is still described as a “post-apocalyptic open-world MMO”.

Source: PCGamesN, Reddit

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