The plug is being pulled on Apple Watch: Not only luxury models are affected


The plug is being pulled on Apple Watch: Not only luxury models are affected

The plug is being pulled on Apple Watch: Not only luxury models are affected - 1

Apple’s first smartwatch from 2015 is now considered “discontinued” by the manufacturer. All model variants are affected, including the most expensive Apple Watch to date with an 18-carat gold case. But what consequences does Apple’s classification have for owners?

First Apple Watch now history

According to an internal letter available to SamaGame colleagues all model variants of the first and original Apple Watch since September 30, 2023 on the List of discontinued products (Source: SamaGame).

Apple no longer provides any service for discontinued devices. Spare parts are neither available nor is Apple willing or able to repair broken goods. Products achieve this status from the iPhone manufacturer if sales stopped more than seven years ago. This is now the case with the first Apple Watch, which was introduced in 2015.

Customers could still test their luck in independent workshops, but there is no guarantee that a repair will be possible.

This is particularly bitter for the first-time buyers, who at that time Apple Watch Edition in 18k gold and put 11,000 euros on the table eight years ago.

From now on, such a broken watch is just a thing formerly expensive paperweight. At least the material value of the golden Apple Watch should be a small consolation, but nothing more. The bottom line is still a bitter loss.

In retrospect, the golden Apple Watch was just an expensive PR stunt for the manufacturer; the variant was not a sales success. The following year it was replaced by a cheaper ceramic version.

Apple’s decision not only affects the golden edition, but also all others Model variants made of aluminum and stainless steel of the “Series 0” are henceforth considered “discontinued”. This also includes the no less exclusive and expensive Hermès models.

No more updates for over 5 years

Back in 2018, Apple pulled the plug on software updates. The The first Apple Watch was denied an update to watchOS 5, a maximum of watchOS 4.3.2 is available. So it’s unlikely that many first-generation Apple watches will actually still be used.

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